RHOA: Phaedra Parks Causes Explosion at the Reunion [Video]


Part four of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion delivered on all its promises. It was filled with all the drama one could imagine such as crying, screaming, destroyed relationships, and of course lying.  It is no secret that lawyers lie, either by commission or omission, truths are often misconstrued. Although known for some of the craziest lies, this season, Phaedra Parks decided to take the title “lying attorney” to a completely new level and causes an explosion.

The overarching theme of this season involved a host of drama surrounding the “Frick and Frack” duo and Kandi Burruss. Frick and Frack is the name Phaedra and Porsha received by Andy Cohen because of their “solid” friendship. Despite the fallow ground on which many of Phaedra’s stories were built, Porsha stood by her side. One of the hallmark moments is when Porsha suggested that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her, take her to their home, and “rape” her. Kandi vehemently denied this accusation and even had a cease and desist notice sent to Porsha in order to save the mogul’s brand.

When questioned about the accusation Porsha reframed from an explanation and redirected to Phaedra for a response. Not only did the attorney initially deny saying it, but after finally admitting it, she attempted to shift the blame to a “non-existent” third party. This made matters worse for Parks causes an explosion on the reunion show by taking the title “lying attorney” to a new level. Porsha immediately exploded by saying, “You told me that Kandi told you!”

There was little wiggle room for the attorney to navigate around the truth. First, she said her friend must have misheard her and then resorted to “I repeated what I was told.” However, neither Andy, the reunion host, nor her BFF Porsha would settle for the usual folly. They, along with other cast members, demanded a clearer explanation. It took a while before the lying lawyer would slightly own the manipulated outcome.

Porsha felt like a pawn used in a game of chess. The “Dish Nation” co-host wept bitterly. It is it difficult to recover when trust is betrayed by the horror or a lie. She began wondering how she could succumb to the power of this deceit. It was hard to wrap her mind around the fact that her loyal friend did not have the courage to own the truth.

Phaedra, who seemed incapable of coming clean, showed little to no emotion as she hung in a web of untruths. When asked if she did it to get back at her former BFF Kandi, the lawyer emphatically stated, No!” Porsha, however, had this to say:

I’m here to be direct and to say that I am very, very upset for being used as a pawn. Kandi, I feel horrible. From me, I am apologizing to you.

Kandi and other cast members were surprised and angered by Phaedra’s actions. When speaking of the drama that went on between Porsha and the lying attorney, Nene Leakes, former star of the reality show, said:

Phaedra been doing this bull—t for a very long time. Phaedra did the exact same thing to me, as we already discussed before, years ago on the show when she first came on. She tried to take me down and it did not work. Phaedra has been doing stuff like this; she just got caught with these girls.

The franchise’s longtime fans recall when Phaedra hit the ground lying during her first season. She seemed to be the only pregnant woman whose doctor could not tell her how far along she was while she carried her son Aden. Every time the women asked the attorney about her due date or how many months she was, Phaedra would say, “I don’t know chile!” Unfortunately, unsubstantiated information has continued to spew through her lips throughout her tenure on the show. This time, however, it seems she took the title lying attorney to a new level.

As the drama continued, it seems Phaedra was caught several other lies. One, in particular, is when Kandi brought up Angela Stanton, author of the book, “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.” The attorney quickly shot the singer down by saying she sued Stanton and won in court. Well, she did sue the author for defamation of character, but the case was dismissed without prejudice. The book has now risen to a top seller on Amazon.

Rumors quickly surfaced, prior to last night’s episode, of the attorney’s departure from the RHOA franchise. Allegedly, everyone was offered new contracts at the taping’s conclusion with the exception of Phaedra. It seems the lies have overridden her influence on the show. There were numerous lies surrounding her storyline, and reportedly, producers and Cohen have had enough. The mega-lie told on Kandi has now turned into a legal issue and as a result is more drama than Phaedra is worth. Unfortunately, Phaedra Parks causes an explosion on the reunion show and loses loyal fans in the process.

                           WARNING: Video Contains Explicit Language

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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