‘Once Upon a Time’ and ABC Say Goodbye to 5 Cast Members at Season’s End

Once Upon a Time

There are a lot of changes on the horizon for ABC’s beloved series “Once Upon a Time,” with the recent announcement of the series renewal for Season 7 and the cast of characters leaving. The show is one episode away from its sixth season’s finale, airing Sunday, May 13, 2017.

Some fans worried whether the show would be picked up for a seventh season, while others felt it was time for the series to end. This is in part due to the drastic changes on the horizon for the beloved series. With the announcement of the departure of Jennifer Morrison, the actress who plays Emma Swan, aka The Savior, some fans wonder where the writers will take the show next.

Morrison leaving “Once Upon a Time” came as a shock to fans everywhere. Not only because Emma has been a huge character in the series from the beginning, but because viewers want to know what the creators of the show, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, are going to do without one of their major hitters. Plus, how is a town full of reckless Disney and folklore beings supposed to survive without their savior to rescue them?

Even more upsetting to fans is the news that other principal actors are leaving the show:

  • Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming/David;
  • Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White/Mary Margret;
  • Emilie de Ravin, who plays Belle;
  • Jared Gilmore, who plays Henry Mills/The Author.

“Once Upon a Time” seems to be going through a major overhaul for its seventh season. Furthermore, even the Wicked Witch of the West/Zelena, played by Rebecca Madder, is being written off the show. ABC released a statement expressing their gratitude and love for the departing actors:

Words can’t do justice to what Ginny, Josh, Emilie, Rebecca and Jared brought to ONCE UPON A TIME… but we’ll try… never have we had the privilege of working with a more talented group of collaborators.  Each brought unique talent, incredible intelligence, and their own individual bit of magic as they gave life to these iconic characters.

They explained how each actor contributed the character they played. Further comments included mentioning Goodwin, reinvented Snow White because there was no way Snow could be stuck cleaning up after dwarfs. Adding, that she gave the heroine empowerment for the 21st Century.
ABC praised Dallas for his betrayal of Prince Charming. They said that the actor took a character, who in myth was a stereotypical fairytale prince, and transformed him into a man with complexities, fighting for love and family.

The network gave Madder a whirlwind of gratitude saying she re-invented the Wicked Witch of the West by giving the broom-flying witch the ability to feel pain beneath the green, keeping the character grounded and relatable.

ABC said de Raven took her character, Belle, to deep soulful depths. Saying she brought intelligence, and of course, warmth the iconic princess’ role. De Raven gave the strong-willed bookworm independence while keeping her eternal optimism seeing only the best in everyone she encountered.

Last, but not least, the network said that young Gilmore, who grew up on the show, took his role as Henry, to new heights. Saying the young actor has enormous talent and created a character who truly had the heart of the truest believer, ending their statement saying that they cannot thank them enough fo their passion and hard work and that “Once Upon a Time” would not be in existence without those who are leaving.

So what is next for “Once Upon a Time?” ABC has not said. However, Kitsis, in a statement, said he believes that the show has reinvented itself every year and that it has the ability to be many different shows.  He also explained that creatively it was time to end a few stories, and he feels that it is the kind of series that regenerates. The co-creator also feels that by the end of Season 6, fans will be exclaiming, “Oh yeah!”

Kitsis also said he thinks that they look at the stories for the characters and there are endpoints to them. However, that does not mean there are not different new stories for upcoming characters. Going on to say, he thinks that the final episode of Season 6 is going to be satisfying for fans. That it is wrapped up nicely, and by the end, audiences will be able to see what is in store for Season 7.

The two-hour Season 6 finale is going to showcase the Final Battle between the Black Fairy, played by Jamie Murray, and Emma. This is all taking place as a new curse has befallen the town of Storybrooke, rumors are that this curse is going to be harder to break than all the others.

In a statement, Goodwin said that the new curse will involve something way more dramatic than anything that has broken the ones in the past. As fans know the first curse was broken by true love’s kiss between mother, Emma, and son, Henry. However, what amount of true love, or love at all, will it take to break the new curse invading Storybrooke? Fans will have to wait for Season 7 to see where Kitsis and Horowitz take the storyline of “Once Upon a Time.”

By Tracy Blake
Edited by Cathy Milne


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