Donald Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy

TrumpRepublicans can point the finger at people, outside parties, or the “fake” media, but Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. It is increasingly becoming more obvious that most of the problems he complains about are self-inflicted. With self-control at an all-time low, Trump continues to reverse whatever strategy his team institutes to defend him, either with his loose tongue or with unbridled Twitter fingers.

Unfortunately, he appears to be incapable of admitting any transgression and has serious difficulty explaining himself. The ability to handle a major crisis seems to elude his skillset and his impulsive public tantrums result in very little confidence in his ability to lead a country. After he recently “abruptly” fired FBI Director James Comey, W. James Antle III, author of “Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped?” said:

The past week is a reminder that President Trump has the same self-indulgent—and self-destructive—habits Candidate Trump did, but with much higher stakes.

This should come as no surprise given he showed Americans who he is throughout his time on the campaign trail. All of the crazy antics that surfaced during that time seem to have magnified upon entrance to the Oval Office. Although Trump attempted to surround himself with well-qualified aides and an even a more popularized running mate, he cannot stop from being his authentic self.

A self-claimed genius that is mean-spirited, uncouth, crude, stubborn, ill-informed, vain, arrogant, deeply problematic and his own worst enemy.

Since the President’s swearing in, his administration has spent countless days defending him. Either through hours of strategy sessions leading to empty quotes, excuses, alternative facts, and other semantics in efforts to eradicate the obvious. Although many people love a challenge, this has to be exhausting.

As the world watched the transition of power take place in the United States of America, many marveled at the pending disaster. No one could make this stuff up. Anyone paying attention was left wondering what remained to be revealed by one who was not submitted to any authority, and yet, reached for such a high position of power. As expected, things quickly began to spin out of control.Trump

As it stands, only Trump can make the wheel stop spinning. However, it appears he is unwilling to stop the distractions for fear of having to lead the country in a meaningful way. Truth is, the President showed the American people who he is, and despite the obvious, many celebrated his bad behavior. They shouted “Lock her up!” but cry “more, more!” for the same accusations surrounding their main man. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Trump’s dogmatic and arrogant demeanor appealed to the “threatened” privilege of the well-off white Republican community who felt intimidated by the country’s changing demographics and spirit of hope that leaned toward “more inclusive.” People have called Trump supporters ignorant and a host of blind followers… of which, they are neither. He does not fool them, they know exactly what he is about, and they love it. Make America great again by raising the old racial status quo.

The President’s inability to control himself will eventually land him in a sea of untold dangers. His personal demons and lack of discipline are celebrated but are not his strengths by far. There are many who would seek to destroy his legacy and damage his administration; however, one would think Trump would not be his biggest accuser. Unfortunately, the contrary is true.  Donald Trump is his own worst enemy.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Foreign Policy: Trump’s Worst Enemy Is His Own Big, Lying Mouth

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