Will the Real John Marz Please Stand Up


John Marz is seeking reelection as a City Councilman, in Henderson Nevada. The candidate has a history of changing his political parties and allegiances to suit his own agenda.

In 2017, he is running as a Republican. He was originally registered with the GOP, but he switched parties in order to be appointed as a city councilman in 2012. At that time, he emphatically stated he would not run for the Council in 2013.

When Marz was urged to run, despite his promise not to, he would not give a definitive answer. This led resident Irma Dutch to express concern, according to Guardian Liberty Voice. She questioned how she could ever trust his future promises if he does run.

He waffled on his promise and decided to run as the incumbent, in 2013.

C&E Reports for Marz Raise Questions About His Loyalties

Marz’ latest published Contributions and Expenses Quarterly Report was filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office on May 22. His reported contributions totaled $182,800, whereas, the expenditures claimed are $357,016.52. He asserts he spent $174,216.52 more than his campaign has collected.

The Marz campaign donors include the following: multiple real estate and development companies; legal firms; casinos; various PACs, Teamsters Union Local 14; Nevada Power; and more.

A major contributor is Sauvage Real Estate, LLC. The company donated $10,000.

Another lesser donor is Century Communities Nevada, LLC, contributed $2,500 to Marz. Of notable interest, they donated another $1,300 to the Home Building Industry Political Action Committee, which supports pro-housing candidates.

Marz’ C&E report indicates a contribution from the Searchlight Leadership Fund, a PAC run by Harry Reed. Much like Reed’s federal-level PAC, it has heavily contributed to Democratic candidates in swing states, like Nevada.

An interesting donor is based out of New York, another from California, and Arizona.

Marz Supported the New Low-Income Housing

In a unanimous vote on May 16, the Henderson City Council approved new densely-populated low-income housing. The Council allocated $572,573.

Studies indicate that crime rates can increase in areas where people are living in close proximity to one another. Furthermore, low-income housing typically increases related costs for other types of domiciles.

Questionable Alliances

Questions were raised during the 2013 election cycle about an alliance between Marz and a land developer being sued by the city of Henderson. Chris Milam was a defendant in a classic bait-and-switch land deal. One of the other parties named in the case was John F. Marchiano.

The reason for this inquiry was that Marz actively sought Marchiano’s financial support for his campaign. How could the councilman believe it was a sound practice to solicit monies from a person named in a suit by the city?

Not only does Marz change political parties to forward his political agenda, but he shows a greater output than intake for his 2017 election, and his alliances are questionable. The campaign donors are primarily those who stand to benefit from Marz retaining his position as councilman.

By Cathy Milne


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