G-20 Summit Brings Two Consecutive Nights of Violence


Large groups of protesters migrated towards Hamburg, Germany on July. 8, 2017. The protests were in opposition to the Group of 20 (G-20) summit meeting. The events occurred after two consecutive nights of conflicts between the protesters and the German authorities at the G-20 summit.

Organizers of the main protest and march stated that 76,000 people participated in the rally. Tens of thousands of public authorities were mobilizing and watching over the protesters, as well.

The protesters held signs that read “No G20.” The New York Times reported they wanted to show that a peaceful protest was possible, after fighting the previous nights. During the two nights of rioting, unruly mobs broke shop windows and destroyed vehicles.

The New York Times then reported, German Chancellor Angela Merkel wished that other G-20 nations would see that a democracy can withstand public outcry. Instead, Merkel stated that violent protests are a threat to human life, and is not acceptable.

Hours after the German chancellor spoke 1,500 black-clad anarchists rioted in the streets of Hamburg’s Schanzen district. The Hamburg police stated the unruly rogues set fire to shops and cars, as the G-20 summit brought two consecutive nights of violence.

The intensely violent masses looted small local business for several hours. After several hours, the damage to the city was extensive, and an elite unit of special forces were deployed to end the violence on the streets.

Local police said that after the violent carnage, they arrested 43 people in connection to the crazed mob on July. 7, 2017. Ninety-six other people remain in detention as their investigation is pending. Thirteen police officers and two protesters were injured among many others at the G*20.

Made for Minds reported that 19 nations accept the United States’ decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. However, they also converted their vows to put the climate agreement into place. French President Emmanuel Macon said there will be a new array of Paris climate talks on Dec. 12.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and other world leaders visited Hamburg, Germany during the summit. The G-20 event was hosted by the German chancellor.

At the summit, Chinese President XI Jinping requested more efforts to work with the conflicts on the Korean peninsula. Xi met with Trump at the summit discussed the North Korean nuclear conflict.The Chinese news agency Xinhua, stated that Xi and Trump agreed to work closely on the world issue.

At least 5,000 anti-globalization protesters took part in a rally on the last day of the G-20 summit. Hamburg authorities stated the activists did not have any incidents of violence. However, a small group of anti-capitalist Black Bloc protesters had a conflict with the German public authorities.

Macon said that the G-20 leaders found a common alliance on terrorism. However, the Washington Post reported there was also a mutual disagreement over climate change. Many issues were discussed after the G-20 summit brought two consecutive nights of violence.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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