The UnAmerican Struggle: Diversity Under Attack [Video]

AmericanAs America continues to struggle with unity in diversity, 1366 Films is set to release a new movie titled, “The UnAmerican Struggle (Diversity Under Attack).” The film provides a counter voice to the spread of bigotry and intolerance in Trump’s America. These issues are not new, however, they still require a more in-depth analysis, reflection, discussion and of course, action if the country is ever to experience true unity.

“The UnAmerican Struggle” is a feature-length documentary that examines the resurgence of racism, misogyny, sexism, and xenophobia in America brought about largely by President Donald Trump’s words and actions as a candidate, and now his policies as president. It is important that educational facilities, parents and child advocates began now to educate citizens on ways to bridge the areas of diversity such as culture, skin color, religious and political beliefs these gaps have caused. There must be safe environments for mutual understanding, civil discourse, and respectful dialogue to take place.

The documentary speaks to the dangers of remaining silent in the face of state-inspired hate and threats to civil rights. Bigotry unchecked ushers in greater abuses to civil rights, as evident through the recent attacks on the free press, the cornerstone of American democracy. As such, the documentary provides a voice to groups affected by the intolerance and bigotry sweeping the nation like cancer.

“The UnAmerican Struggle” pays close attention to the struggle for equality from the perspective of Immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, Blacks, Women, and Transgender People. Seventeen experts representing the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Diversity Council, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and local groups, such as Black Lives Matter, lent their voices to the film to help Americans better understand the fight to preserve America’s values of inclusion and civil liberties.

The only way peace can be achieved within the country’s varied communities, cultures and livelihoods is by conquering the fear that forbids one to embrace diversity. At times, people will need to master the art of “agreeing to disagree” in order to come together and embrace obvious differences. This is achieved by listening to the views of others, self-educating, and harnessing personal beliefs in order to reflect on someone else’s. This is the only way for the healing to begin. To value diversity is to respect human worth. It is the energy that brings to life our colorful world.American

It is so easy to belittle others simply by choosing to live in a bubble and putting forth little no effort to understand their lifestyle, values, and beliefs. This mentality breeds intolerance and waters the seeds of prejudice. By learning to appreciate that people are different while recognizing the existing similarities Americans can overcome walls of division. It is okay to value individual beliefs and heritages while respecting someone else’s. Without allowing others the freedom of a differing opinion, peace will never be realized.

The human race is diverse in many ways such as ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, race, philosophy, class, and lifestyle. However, at the basic level of humanity’s existence, everyone is of the same human species. All experience good and bad times while aiming for a fulfilled, successful, and happy life. As it stands, the country’s diversity is under attack. However, the oxymoron of diversity is differences make us unique but the commonalities bring us together.

The Atlanta-based production company, 1366, is excited to announce that the San Antonio Film Festival will host the world premiere of “The UnAmerican Struggle” on August 2, 2017. The city served as one of the film’s prime locations, given its exemplary celebration held each January that pays homage to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of inclusion and civil rights. The ongoing unAmerican struggle is the nation’s supposed diversity is under attack.  Love and acceptance are the remedies that can produce true equality.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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