Spain Has Experienced an Intense Terrorist Attack


The New York Times reported that the constitutional monarchy of Spain experienced an intense terrorist attack. The assault in Barcelona was the most graphic in the last 10 years. There were 13 fatalities and 100 injuries.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for these attacks in Spain, although this has not been confirmed. A man drove a van into dozens of people on a bright afternoon. The incident occurred on one of the city’s most well renown thoroughfares.

The Catalina police stated they thwarted another attack that involved a vehicle, 70 miles south of the original carnage, in Cambrils. Public authorities said that four people were fatally shot, in a shootout with police, and a fifth died later from bullet wounds. The attackers were wearing explosive belts, which police stated were later discovered to be artificial.

The Catalan Emergency service said that six civilians and one officer were injured during the act of terrorist-related violence.

The New York Times reported that the assault in Barcelona was the sixth time assailants struck a European city using vehicles as fatal weapons. Spain then experienced an intense movement of violence.

The local authorities blocked off Las Ramblas and Plaza de Cataluna. The two sites are in the heart of Barcelona and are popular tourist destinations. The police then began to rapidly track the culprits.

El Periodico reported that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned Catalan public authorities that Barcelona could be the site of violent attacks. The assault in Spain followed other terrorist acts where ISIS used large vehicles to drive over pedestrians, in Berlin and Nice in 2016, as well as the London Bridge attack in June 2017.

The CIA told the Catalan local police that Las Ramblas could experience an act of terrorism. The warning came two months before the assault on Barcelona residents and tourists.

The United States issued a new terror alert for Europe in May 2017. The alert reported that Islamic extremists could carry out assaults on the continent at anytime.

Two suspects were arrested; one was a Moroccan, and the other was a citizen of Spain. Two other suspects were slain in a shootout with local authorities.

A third suspect was killed after a van ran over two officers. The crime occurred on the edge of the city.
Catalan President Carles Puigdemont stated, the truck crashed into a large group of visitors in a district heavily visited by tourists. The nation’s police force believe the five attackers killed were linked to the van attack. The violent event occurred on Aug. 17.

The Catalan police are labeling the act of violence a terrorist attack. Public authorities have slain the five suspects during a counter-terrorism operation in Cambrils, after Spain experienced an intense terrorist attack.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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