Skype Down Worldwide and Supported Tech Service Assistance Bogus


Skype users are experiencing log in issues when they attempt to use their browser on Oct. 17, 2017. A Twitter storm erupted after the problems began with complaints that this has been happening all day.

The phone and video services are also non-functioning. Reaching a technician using the skype number found on Google search proved to be bogus. One user reported that the person he spoke to asked for his password, which is a red flag. Google always reminds users to never give out a password to anyone — ever.

After several attempts to reach the community forum, Ruwim.B responded:

There is right now a worldwide server-site issue with Skype. Signing in to Skype is not possible.

Short of waiting for a response from the forum, Twitter is the best place to find any information. Someone from @Skype responded:


Customers are frustrated and angry. One person complained that it figures the one day she has class via Skype it is down. Another posted a GIF of a man in front of a computer banging his head on the desk. Twitter user, @tipsytana posted this:

Skype Heatbeat is the site users can go to for updates. Here is the statement made there:

Our engineers are actively working on the issue and we hope to resolve as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to our users.

Is this issue related to threats by North Korea? Some might scoff that the country is backward when it comes to that type of technology, but the government’s ability should do not be confused with the idea that citizen’s lack internet access. A recent analysis by the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future reports significant cyberactivity from North Korea to “India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique, and Indonesia,” according to Who’s Online.

Skype being the subject of a hacking incident is not at all unlikely. At 4:53 p.m. PT, Skype announced they cannot provide an estimated time for the site to be back in service.

Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to investigate the issues at hand, including the possibility of North Korea’s ability to create havoc in the cyber world.

Written by Cathy Milne and Mr. Chandler


Skype Heatbeat
DownStatus: Skype Complaints

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