Halloween Mystery: The Betty Boop Murder


On Halloween 2002, a lady in a Betty Boop costume faltered out of Gipson’s, a prominent bar in Douglasville, Georgia, and walked to her vehicle. Minutes after the fact, 38-year-old, Tina Mayberry, with her Halloween regalia bloodied, stumbled back to the bar. She had been stabbed repeatedly and died two hours later. Who killed Mayberry and why?.

Halloween Murders

Over the years, there have been many Halloween murders. Allhallows Eve wickedness is thought of as the actions of disturbed people who enjoy poisoning sweet candy or putting razor blades in apples. Despite that, crimes occurring on Halloween are significantly more accurate, and truer, than those spooky ghost stories.

Killings, kidnappings, and ambushes have occurred on October 31, and many are commemorated alongside the festivities of the holiday. While it remains debatable as to whether or not there is a spike in criminal activity on Halloween, there is no open discussion that these specific crimes occurred simply due to the holiday. It appears that Mayberry might have been one of them.

The Jeremy Bryan Jones Connection

Jeremy Bryan Jones, in 2005, was condemned to death for the assault and murder of his 45-year-old neighbor, Lisa Nichols. That sentence was upheld by the Alabama Appeals Court in 2010, as reported by the Associated Press.

However, this was not his first murder. Jones is classified as an American serial killer and has been sitting on death row since 2005. However, for the police, it has been a game of cat and mouse. It has been difficult trying to get the facts of the story out of Jones. Even though he has admitted to criminal activity, authorities still cannot figure out what parts of his story are true or fabricated.

If Jones’ allegations are truthful, then he is responsible for a string of murders dating back to 1992, including the killing of Mayberry. Up to this point, a few polygraph test results indicated that he has committed the killings. Nonetheless, Jones has claimed that he told authorities stories just to get unique suppers and telephone privileges in prison.

Did Jones meet Mayberry in that parking lot on that Halloween night? Or is someone else to blame? He claims to have murdered three prostitutes in Mobile, Alabama, five in Atlanta, Georgia, and one in New Orleans. Jones has been indicted for the New Orleans crime. However, police are not able to connect the dots to the other slayings.

Born Killer

Old friends mentioned that Jones was an arrogant man. According to witnesses, Jones thought he was a lady’s man informing anyone who would listen that “He could talk the underwear off a nun.” It appears that if he had this charm, it was not just with women. He used the alias John Paul Chapman for a time. While using the assumed name, he was arrested for drugs and detained by police four times. While in police custody, they neglected to coordinate his fingerprints, and he strolled free. Later, he was captured for drugs, indecent exposure, and trespassing.

Neighbors that knew this Chapman character, saw him as a gorgeous, alluring young guy living in a Douglasville, Georgia trailer park. It was there that he always ended up stuck in unfortunate situations with the law. However, what neighbors did not know was that he would spend over a decade killing 17 women, but was Mayberry actually one of his victims?

That Mysterious Halloween Night

On that Halloween night, 15 years ago, as Mayberry stepped out of Gipson’s restaurant, where she had been attending a Halloween party, cross paths with Jones? He claims he did, yet there is no evidence that links him to her death.

Minutes after the incident, she lurched once more into the bar, leaking from cut injuries and looking for help. Despite endeavors of those at the party and the paramedics, she died a brief span later at an Atlanta doctor’s facility. Mayberry had neither been victimized nor sexually attacked. There was no clear rationale, no pieces of information, and no suspect.

As for Jones, his body tally will most likely never be known, or if he was behind the Betty Boop Murder. He appears to enjoy the thrill of taking investigators on wild goose hunts with regards to the crimes of which he was truly responsible.

Since there is no real evidence connecting Jones to Mayberry’s killing, the Betty Boop Murder remains a Halloween mystery.

By Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of stevepb’s Pixabay Page – Creative Commons Licence

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