The Tale of Penelope Soto – Based on a True Story

by Jackson Thomas Email:   A writer sat, patiently, while three Hollywood producers read the first draft of his newest script. He watched their eyes move across the page as they read… THE TALE OF PENELOPE SOTO INT. COURTROOM – AFTERNOON – FLORIDA We’re in a Miami courtroom. “Penelope,” 18 years old, has a […]

America has been stolen from its citizens

By Jackson Thomas E-mail: I am neither Democrat nor Republican, Liberal nor Conservative. I am not rich or poor. I am not happy or unhappy. I am, simply put, frustrated. I believe we can be better than we are and I believe this country can be better than what it has become. There was a […]

Same-sex marriage is not and has never been a threat to Marriage

Written By: Jackson Thomas E-Mail:     How many times can a person hear the phrase “One man, one woman,” before their head explodes? This one idea, espoused thousands of ways by millions of people, seems to be the catch-all for the anti-gay marriage movement. People usually use one of three ideas to support […]