How I See It

by Lynn M Davis By now I am sure that most of you have heard, or read that a child and a police officer were shot near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Vegas Drive on Friday night. Thankfully both of them will be ok. According to a source inside the department, the sergeant in charge […]

Late Night Shooting

by Samantha Carrillo On Friday, March 16th officers were responding to a shooting at 9:58pm on Wyatt Avenue, near MLK and Vegas Drive.  They had received a 911 call for assault and battery from the residence. Allegedly, the gunman’s shots were fired through a wall, grazed the child, and then the child was taken to UMC. […]

Ron Paul Wins U.S. Virgin Islands

By Randy Rose Ron Paul squeaked out his first win with 29% and Romney came in second with 26%. The Progressive leftist media does not want you to know this. They report Romney is the winner with 26%. They are showing their support for Romney because they know Obama will beat Romney. Rememer how the […]

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