Missing Person Alert: Tanya Hyjazi

Missing person alert! Irene Monteiro has been missing since yesterday. She was last seen yesterday September 18, 2012 at 1:30pm at Old Mill picnic area units 25-29 MT. Charleston Ms Monteiro was last seen wearing black pants with stripes with a white shirt and dark colored sweater (black or blue.) If anyone sees Ms Monteiro […]

Bomb Alert At Louisiana State University Has Started Evacuation of Campus

Baton Rouge–Louisiana State University A bomb threat started an evacuation of the LSU campus shortly after 11:30 a.m.today, the LSU Radio Network reported. Someone called 911 earlier this morning reporting threat, according to The Advertiser. Students were notified by a central texting program that automatically alerts them to dangers on campus. An alert also went […]

Bomb threats at two American Universities

By Kelly J Newson Early this morning at two of America‚Äôs universities two separate bomb threats occurred and was met with both campuses being evacuated. Thankfully there were no explosives found on the University of Texas at Austin or North Dakota University in Fargo. Though, students were met with the harsh reality of the world […]