Should Children Handle Guns

By Roy Denish One child is killed every three hours, no background checks against those buying weapons in 33 states 150 Americans shot every day, 83 are killed every day. West Field, MA October 26th 2008 10.53 am: The weather was overcast, a slight breeze swept across the open fields, a lively third-grader, son of […]

How I See It

by Lynn M Davis By now I am sure that most of you have heard, or read that a child and a police officer were shot near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Vegas Drive on Friday night. Thankfully both of them will be ok. According to a source inside the department, the sergeant in charge […]

Late Night Shooting

by Samantha Carrillo On Friday, March 16th officers were responding to a shooting at 9:58pm on Wyatt Avenue, near MLK and Vegas Drive.¬† They had received a 911 call for assault and battery from the residence.¬†Allegedly, the gunman’s shots were fired through a wall, grazed the child, and then the child was taken to UMC. […]