The Pay Yourself First Rule

By Phyllis Dolinsky Every time you earn any money or get a present of money, you should (must) put 10% of it away. The younger you are when you begin, the better, for you have the gift of time. It is amazing how the small change adds up. Even found money (pennies) in the street […]


By Phyllis Dolinsky My Mom and Dad were really blessed to have a marriage that would be described as “made in Heaven.” When my father died, making her a widow at age 67, my brother, sister and I all worried how mom would survive. Being the only one of her children that lived nearby and […]

Trash to Treasure: Consignment Shopping

By Trina Boice Spring has sprung in my house, which means some serious spring cleaning. We’ve been on a rampage lately to unclutter our home and our lives. A wonderful byproduct of getting rid of old junk is earning some extra cash. You’d be surprised how much money is sitting inside your stuff. Tim Luke, […]