Poetry Turns Into A Las Vegas Show

By Trina Boice “Jabbawockeez is the best show I’ve seen in Vegas by far” was what my 16-year-old son posted on his Facebook status last night after seeing their fun show at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. We live in Sin City, and my son has seen quite a few shows, so that’s really […]

Unconditional Love

By Phyllis Dolinsky Definition: loving the person as they are without letting the way you wish them to be get in the way. Very often when we think of grandparents and their interaction with their “perfect” grandchildren, we use the term “unconditional love.” They seem to get it just right. So let’s look at this […]

Don’t Double My Rate

By Kelly J Newson Student loan debt is on the rise and on the minds of many college students. A student’s focus should be on school, but not all students have that luxury. Many have to work full-time jobs along with taking out student loans. The GOP shows no sympathy. They would rather keep the […]