Bill Cosby Calls for Strict Gun-Control

By Roy Denish Hard on the heels of a black teenager’s death by the self-appointed security chief of a neighborhood watch in Florida, the veteran comedian “dad,” Bill Cosby, urged authorities to enforce stricter gun control in the nation. “The guns have to be off the streets,” Cosby, blaming the death of Travyon Martin on […]

The Common Man’s Party

By Lia King The Democratic Party’s movers and shakers convened at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on Saturday, April 14, 2012, for the Clark County Democratic Convention. As I walked toward the swarm of busy attendees entering and exiting the main convention hive, I noticed an extremely loud buzz of its attendees’ voices in the […]

Police Standoff Leads to Suspects’ Arrest

By Isabelle Guzman Thursday April 5th, a police standoff lead to the arrest of Devon Cooper and Christine Gulick, both wanted in relation to a series of crimes including an attempted burglary only days before their arrest. The couple was arrested at the Sandhill apartment complex in Clark County after escaping the authorities a few times […]