Colors in Your Home

By Kimberly Stephenson Before you pick out a new home décor item or finally decide to redesign your living space, you may want to consider the psychological effects that colors have on the human body. Recent studies have proven that colors are directly associated with a person’s emotional, behavioral and mental state. A simple decision […]

Self-Driving Google Car Ready to Drive Around Vegas

By Albert Angulo Google’s self-driving car is growing up right in front of our eyes: The autonomous vehicle program recently passed its driver’s license test in Nevada, the first license of its kind in the United States. Obtaining Nevada’s self-driving car license clears the way for Google to test its technology on public roads in […]

Ron Paul Will Win Their Hearts And Minds But Not Their Vote

By DiMarkco Chandler Ron Paul’s campaign has decided to end his formal quest to become the republican nominee for President of the United States. The congressman has vowed not to spend any more money campaigning in upcoming primary states. Currently he has accumulated 104 delegates, while Mitt Romney has won a total of 966.  In a statement […]