You Thought It Would be Easier

By W.W. Mayes I will continue with our series on building business plans but I first want to share some insights that I have gained by helping a business out recently. I do consulting on the side with businesses and I find that one thing tends to be a consistent problem with many businesses, big […]

Pacifist’s War

By Greg Acuna I’ve always been in touch with my inner child, which has allowed me to seriously consider questions often considered childish. “Daddy, why is there war? Why can’t they play hopscotch or handball instead?” In a world full of violence it seems like a pacifist’s view is completely out of touch, but then […]

Our Polluted Soil

By Dr. Mark Baxter In my last article I discussed the devastating effects upon our health as well as the health of our planet due to water pollution. In this article we will explore the personal and planetary consequences of soil pollution. The Western mindset suffers under the delusion that all of Earth’s resources are […]