Gay Marriage: An Insider’s Look

By Kyra Hall I’m a young Christian girl who has found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We have the same interests, the same goals, and the same sense of humor. When we’re together, my heart is full with the knowing that this is the person that God put […]

What a Home Loan Modification Can Do for You

By Dorothy Bunce If you applied for a home loan modification a while back but gave up in frustration, you may wish to consider applying again. Many mortgage companies, especially Bank of America, are finally getting their act together and are properly processing applications. However, because of past problems, lots of people are unenthusiastic about […]

US self-defense guru vs British Home office

By Roy Denish Theresa Mary May, the British home office secretary, may have the middle name of Jesus Christ’s mother, but she isn’t a typical saint type. She will stop you dead in your tracks if you fall into bad books with her. Daughter of a reverend belonging to the Church of England, she was elected […]