Safe: A Creative, Exciting, and Violent Thrill-Ride

By Dayne Archer One of the best things about Safe is how Boaz Yakin, the director of inspirational dramas (Remember the Titans) and one-time scribe of straight-to-video action movies (The Punisher), gives Jason Statham’s character a reason to keep going when he has every reason to jump off the ledge at which we first meet […]

Christian Keyes in “Dysfunctional Friends”

By Kelly J Newson Christian Keyes has been acting for twelve years now and has starred in productions such as Tyler Perry’s stage play, “Madea goes to jail,” “What’s done in the dark,” BET’s “Let’s Stay Together,” and recently starred in the movie, “Dysfunctional Friends,” along with co-stars Wesley Jonathan, Stacey Dash and Reagan Gomez-Preston.  […]


By Art Stevens FEEL GOOD: Normally when a pitcher gets into his thirties, you’ve got to watch carefully for a downturn in his abilities. I give you Jamie Moyer of the Colorado Rockies, who is now the oldest pitcher in MLB history to have won a game. Jamie, who has pitched in the past for […]