Unemployment Drops in the Month of February

By Kelly J. Newson Nevada’s unemployment rate may have dropped to 12.3% in February but we still have much work to do.  Despite this drop we still must keep working to get American families working.  Let’s applaud this drop but let’s keep working and continue to see it drop further.  The signs of recovery are […]

The Fountain Of Youth Secret

By Jo Rooks “Don’t the girls all look prettier at closing time…they all begin to look like movie stars…”  These lyrics from a country song have been in my mind lately.   I am almost positive my mom must have listened to the song during her pregnancy with me and I remember it from the womb because I don’t think I could […]

Adam’s Hangover

By Alberto Angulo I have come across a chronologically impossible question that I have found to be a recurring theme:  If you had the opportunity to interview any person in history, who would it be?  I find this question bit absurd due to the simple fact that is absolutely never going to happen, unless we […]