Why Spice Shouldn’t Be Defended

By Michael Blain As liberal as I am in my overall view of the majority of illicit substances, I cannot be shut up and shut out about the scourge from the laboratories of Clemson: JWH-018, better known as “spice.” Whereas marijuana hits the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, so does “spice,” except that it overloads […]

Absolute Corruption

By Greg Acuna In one of the latest Washington scandals, the General Services Administration (GSA) held an $823,000 conference here in the Las Vegas area that included a $31,000 reception, a mind reader and a clown. It was celebrated with a rap song and now Congressional hearings. The song was done on a shoe-string budget, […]

The Guardian’s Anthem Adventure

By Rhonda Leon April 23, 2012 Last Thursday, a group of us from The Guardian Express gathered in Anthem to do some delivery research. By that, I mean that we rolled and placed elastic bands on 5000 of our newspapers and then spent ten hours delivering them door-to-door (or shall I say, driveway to driveway) […]