Crystal Ball “Uncut” Part 1

By Dock Walls Over the past several weeks the Guardian Express LV has featured Fashion designer Crystal Ball. Initially, we were inspired to simply write an article about a Las Vegan who had distinguished herself and was giving back to the community. However, the overwhelming response made it quite clear that our readers were interested […]

Rob Riggle Plays Paris May 10-12

By Miss Frankie Tease Rob Riggle has a manic professional talking head style of hilarity that can crack anyone’s smile, make them proceed directly to giggles, and lead them promptly to gut laughs. His successful jump from sketch comedy to stand-up came in 2006 when he toured nationally with now famous John Oliver and other […]

The Lucky One Is Not So Lucky After All

By Alberto Angulo Once again, it is a pleasure to write my weekly movie review for you. This time I went to see a movie that might have never been my own choice, but I accepted the suggestion and thought I’d give it a chance. The movie was The Lucky One, and just by the […]