See Preview of Jersey Shore season 6 without Snooki: Featuring Bar Brawl Cast and Arrest of (Meatball) Deena Nicole

Jersey Shore Unedited By DiMarkco Chandler “Jersey Shore,” for the many of you that have heard of it and equally for those that choose not to watch it, you’re not missing much. It’s their antics have become a day to day comedy drama personified. This weekend was no exception. But before we tackle new gossip, […]

Miley Cyrus’s Engagement Leaves Justin Bieber to attract petty controversy over “Baby” Lyrics

By DiMarkco Chandler Now that Miley Cyrus is getting married, there will perhaps be less controversy surrounding the young pop star. That means all eyes will be focused on Justin Bieber. It’s not surprising that controversy has located the 18-year-old singer already. In fact, this new revelation puts Bieber’s lyrics on a new level and evokes the question: How […]