The Hunger Games

Game ? or a Subliminal Effort to Desensitize Teenagers  About Death ?  by Albert Angulo  I  found myself  on Sunday afternoon, waiting at a movie theater with some reservation and not too much excitement, for one of the most expected movies of the season, “The Hunger Games,” which  is a young-adult novel written by Suzanne Collins that  was first […]

Jay Leno – Aces of Comedy Headliner throughout 2012 – Vegas

by Miss Frankie Tease Jay Leno has had a long, lucrative career and a long, happy marriage. Those are two things you don’t see in Hollywood very often, especially paired. Jay’s self-deprecating “chin” humor along with his quirky voice, dislexia, and lisp, cemented his style of humor on stage first, alongside the likes of Freddy […]

Funny or Criminal? Las Vegas Street Performers

by Princella Talley On the Las Vegas strip, a person is bound to find all the entertainment that they need both outside and indoors. Unfortunately, some of these unavoidable elements have been deemed inappropriate at times, and these elements involve both cartoon characters and adult behavior. I was unaware of the tension that existed over this until […]