Movie Review: “Battleship” is sinking, Avengers stays at number one..

By Roy Denish The Avengers bulldozed their way into the top of the box office by sinking the “Battleship.” The Disney sensation Avengers has pocketed an estimated $1.1 billion nationally and internationally to remain at the number one spot for the third consecutive week. In comparison, Battleship sunk to the number two slot with a […]

Sinners and Saints Revs Up The Violence

By Dayne Archer If William Kaufman filmed “Sinners and Saints,” his neo-noir, hardboiled cop drama, on a shoestring budget and a prayer, then the proficiency with which he films the action says otherwise. Kaufman makes good use of New Orleans’ seedy underbelly, and he throws in more than enough beatings and gunfights to satisfy an […]

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