Savannah’s “Chocoholic’s Dream” – Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Written By: Dollie Gull E-mail: Savannah’s “Chocoholic’s Dream” – Lulu’s Chocolate Bar Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is a kitschy kind of a place in Savannah, Georgia, on the Unites States’ eastern shore where echoes of the Deep South ring loud and where today’s tourist encounter ever more fascinating sites and events to explore. I discovered […]

Phoenix lifelong support promise should make you do your homework

By Dawn Cranfield So, you want to be a Phoenix? We have all seen the commercials from University of Phoenix (UOP) with the culturally diverse adult students luring us to get up from our couches and become a “Phoenix”.  UOP entices potential students with the idea that they can complete their coursework in less time […]