By Garth Baker With all the talk of how the country is being divided between African Americans and Whites, it has turned me to research the biggest division this country has ever seen. The time was 1861-1865, during the Civil War. More than 3 million fought during this war, 900,000 for the confederacy and 2.1 […]

Dr. Frye’s Prescription

By Dr. Steven Frye’s The War on Drugs is not just a failure, it’s a monumental fiasco. *The US has five % of the world’s population but uses 60 % of the world’s drugs. The War on Drug kills people, not the drugs! * In 70 years our drug war has killed 700,000 of our own citizens, more […]

A Note from the Publisher

By DiMarkco Chandler The Guardian Express is an independent newspaper. We lean neither left or right. Our primary goal is to provide a platform for all views/voices as long as they are intelligent, well thought out, fact-checked and properly formatted for a serious print newspaper. We feature a diverse team of professional writers and consultants representing most […]