Dr. Frye’s Prescription

By Dr. Steven Frye’s The War on Drugs is not just a failure, it’s a monumental fiasco. *The US has five % of the world’s population but uses 60 % of the world’s drugs. The War on Drug kills people, not the drugs! * In 70 years our drug war has killed 700,000 of our own citizens, more […]

A Note from the Publisher

By DiMarkco Chandler The Guardian Express is an independent newspaper. We lean neither left or right. Our primary goal is to provide a platform for all views/voices as long as they are intelligent, well thought out, fact-checked and properly formatted for a serious print newspaper. We feature a diverse team of professional writers and consultants representing most […]

Letter to The Guardian

From Tom Jones Regarding the article entitled, “The Conservatives’ War on Women’s Reproductive Rights by Christina Arreola, She states, “In a country that prides itself on being the ‘land of the free’ it has become apparent that such a statement does not apply to women and the choices they make concerning their bodies, specifically their choices about reproduction. She then writes about Conservatives denying birth control to woman by […]