Bonobo genome mapped

By Kyra Hall Scientists have finally finished mapping the last great ape genome. Humans, gorillas and chimps were all sequenced before the humble Bonobo, but unraveling their genome has provided some valuable insights into human nature. Bonobos are the little-known, peace-loving relative of the chimpanzee. They live only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, […]

Natural gorilla sign language to communicate with babies

By Amanda Shore Humans and gorillas, both part of the Great Ape family, use forms of “baby talk.” In this trait, we are unique from other apes. A new study has shown that gorillas that are at least 3 years old use specific nonverbal cues to communicate with baby gorillas. The adults will use and […]

NASA will launch NuSTAR to search for black holes and Curiosity en route to Mars

By Amanda Shore NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) is a spacecraft equipped with a high-energy X-ray telescope. Its mission is to map radioactive material in supernova remnants to study the origins of cosmic rays. It is able to find and photograph black holes so that scientists will know where they are and gather more […]