Apple Headed For Nevada, Jobs Will Follow

It’s getting better By James Turnage I reported several days ago that Apple was coming to northern Nevada. It doesn’t end there. Officials won’t announce the names of data companies investigating a move to the Silver State’s north, but at least one additional company is “very serious” about a possible move. Mike Kazmierski is the […]

NASA: Hubble Space Telescope Discovery: Watch the Video Here

NASA: Hubble Space Telescope Discovers Significant Changes in The Atmosphere of a Planet Located Beyond our Solar System NASA Press Release Compiled by Jim Donahue  WASHINGTON — An international team of astronomers using data from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has made an unparalleled observation, detecting significant changes in the atmosphere of a planet located beyond […]

Asteroid Hunters: Ex-NASA brain trust wants to launch private telescope

By Jim Donahue  In a statement earlier today, a team of ex-NASA astronauts and scientists from the non-profit organization the B612 Foundation announced an audacious plan to put a telescope into space that would monitor asteroids and other near-earth objects that have the potential for collision with the Earth. The aptly-named “Sentinel Space Telescope” would […]