School District Lays Off 419 Teachers

By Big Jim Donahue Well, he promised he would. And he did it. He is Dwight Jones, superintendent of Clark County School District. What he promised was massive layoffs if the CCEA and its union member teachers didn’t give him the concessions he had so politely asked for. And what he did was layoff 419 […]

President Obama visits UNLV

By Jahaziel Martinez (Jazy Martz) Alejandra Gonzalez finds herself standing in the crowd waiting to see President Obama. It will probably be the first time she sees him, and like many students, she struggles with the debt she got into to get her bachelor’s degree in education. On June 7, the president of the country […]

Living the American Dream

By L.D. Kahn Ah… “the American Dream.” Sounds so nice doesn’t it? So American, just the sound of it brings pride to those who love America. You know, the red, white and blue and apple pie. Now imagine hearing those protester groups and their political supporters, in the media and government, trash this long-held notion […]