Proposed Henderson arena breaking new ground

By Kelly Newson The proposed Henderson arena is clearing hurdles and making strides to becoming a reality, but don’t get too happy just yet because with developer Milam’s past in proposing arenas, this one may get hung out to dry. The proposed Henderson arena will be an enclosed 17,500 seat arena and will play host […]

Living the American Dream

By L.D. Kahn Ah… “the American Dream.” Sounds so nice doesn’t it? So American, just the sound of it brings pride to those who love America. You know, the red, white and blue and apple pie. Now imagine hearing those protester groups and their political supporters, in the media and government, trash this long-held notion […]

Guardian Express: The power in your voice

By Cheyenne Kent Last week, some of the powers that try to push the machine stepped out into the light and were shut down by the citizens of Wisconsin. It’s amazing to me that there is power beyond government that can attempt to uproot a man from his seat as Governor simply because they disagree […]