What is really wrong with our economy: Consumer Credit

By Big Jim Donahue It’s been more than four years now since the housing bubble burst and the current recession began. Now you would think that in this amount of time, our economy would be back on track. Especially with all of the different stimulus monies spent, the different bailouts, etc. And let’s not forget […]

One worker dead one injured

By Randy Rose According to the National Park Service, a construction worker was killed Monday afternoon at the site of one of the tunnels under construction by the Nevada Water Authority at Lake Mead. All the other workers at the site survived, though there may be other injuries. The nature of the accident at the […]

Proposed Henderson arena breaking new ground

By Kelly Newson The proposed Henderson arena is clearing hurdles and making strides to becoming a reality, but don’t get too happy just yet because with developer Milam’s past in proposing arenas, this one may get hung out to dry. The proposed Henderson arena will be an enclosed 17,500 seat arena and will play host […]