Miley Cyrus’s Engagement Leaves Justin Bieber to attract petty controversy over “Baby” Lyrics

By DiMarkco Chandler Now that Miley Cyrus is getting married, there will perhaps be less controversy surrounding the young pop star. That means all eyes will be focused on Justin Bieber. It’s not surprising that controversy has located the 18-year-old singer already. In fact, this new revelation puts Bieber’s lyrics on a new level and evokes the question: How […]

Republicans, Democrats or Republicrats, Demicans: is there any difference?

By Dirk Tejan On August 03, 2011, 65-year-old James Stewart was met at his place of business, Rawesome Foods, by machine gun wielding agents of the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). According to Mr. Stewart was handcuffed, was never read his rights […]

Iranian general warns his finger is on the trigger, shows support for Syria

By Randy Rose While the news is all about Wisconsin and the Presidential Race, there are other things happening around the world. People often question why Obama was so quick to attack North Africa, but he will not strike Syria. There is a reason for that. You remember my article about Russia building up arms […]

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