Northern Nevada rising from the ashes

By James Turnage A couple of short years ago, as I walked through my neighborhood, I felt depressed and even a little fearful. White paper on doors or in front windows seemed to be everywhere. Our suburban development, which was affordable to middle class families when it was built, was now flooded with foreclosures. Today, […]

Our president should be elected by all of us

By James Turnage  Do you want your vote to count? In presidential elections, it often doesn’t. I doubt if many people in this country truly understand how the electoral college works. Each state has a number of votes in the electoral college. It is based on population. For example, our state, Nevada, had five in […]

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and the Obamacare debate

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and the Obamacare Debate By Donald Norris, Jr. We all should know about the big healthcare debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The healthcare debate seems to be on nearly every channel and in virtually every newspaper. Lots of people are talking about the recent decision the U.S. Supreme Court […]