Evaluation of budgeting in the valley

By Christina Mitchell In the 1970s, a preventive patrol experiment was attempted in Kansas City to test how police patrol could be effective for the community. It was based on two theories: that visible police patrolling areas would prevent crime and possibly stop potential offenders and that with police presence, it would possibly bring a […]

President Obama flips on his policy

By Randy Rose President Obama declared Executive Privilege in an effort to stave off contempt charges against his friend Eric Holder. Eric Holder is the Department of Justice head and therefore should be above politics and turn over the 70,000 documents the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee requested. The Committee has voted to hold […]

Frank and Jesse James wanted poster for sale this Saturday

By Amanda Shore This old, yellowed piece of paper is only 12×18 inches, but the historic value is significant. This is a wanted poster for Frank and Jesse James. The poster will be featured in Brian Lebel’s Old West Show and Auction on Saturday, June 23, 2012. While it offers a $5,000 reward for each […]