Doomsday 12/21/2012: What might happen

By Jim Donahue Yesterday, we discussed the ending of the Mayan calendar and the similarities between it and the calendars of other Ancient Societies. We also delved into what these Ancient Cultures predicted would happen, although not at great length, as most of their predictions are vague at best, and we would like some much […]

Laughlin says no to incorporation

By Luis Cabrera A proposal for Laughlin, NV to become incorporated was defeated at the polls this week. Residents of this tourist town decided on the measure on June 12th, and voters in opposition prevailed over the ones in support of it. The final score showed 962 votes against incorporation and only 729 in favor. […]

George Washington elected commander of Continental Army

By Kyra Hall June 15, 2012 Today, in the year 1775, George Washington was unanimously elected commander of the Continental Army of the by the Second Continental Congress. He humbly accepted the post but was greatly concerned about the future. He wrote his wife, Martha, expressing to her that he did not want to leave […]