Obama takes one step closer to Dream Act: Young illegal immigrants no longer are deported

By Justine Espersen As of this morning, the Obama administration announced they will stop deporting young illegal immigrants and begin granting work permits to those who came as children and have been law-abiding people. According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, this policy change will affect as many as 800,000 immigrants. This is another step […]

The Real Estate Market and the Recession

By Jim Donahue The real problem with the housing bubble bursting back in ’08 was not necessarily because of people who did not qualify for a home loan in the “traditional manner” before they changed the rules for home loan qualification during the Clinton Administration. In my opinion, it was because of the unscrupulous lenders […]

Capitalism and The Great Depression

My Thoughts on Capitalism and The Great Depression All of the great civilizations since the dawn of man were built on slave labor. And if you look back over time, our own industrial revolution actually started right after the Civil War. That is the opposite of the way the world worked previous to the Civil […]