Obama’s October Surprise

October Surprise – a last minute event designed to upset and win an election. Seven theories on what may happen prior to the Nov. 6 General Election. Wait and see. Editorial – Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson FAKE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT On March 30, 1981, failed assassin John Hinckley shot and wounded then-Pres. Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s […]

Nevada Unemployment Rate Decline Brings SEB Program to an End

By Jim Donahue The Employment Security Division of Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) announced Monday that the federally funded State extended benefits program would be ending on July 7, 2012. Administrator for the Employment Security Division, Renee Olsen, said in a statement, “This exceptionally severe recession left many people unemployed for long […]

Four Las Vegas local swimmers head to the Olympic Trials

By Justine Espersen Four of southern Nevada’s swimmers are competing in the Olympic Trials of Omaha, Nebraska. Swimmers include Erin Emery, 14, of Palo Verde High School; Catie Miller, 15, of Bishop Gormon High School; Olivia Barker, 17, of Bishop Gormon High School; and Hannon Daigler, 19, originally from Pahrump, who will be attending University […]