Shut your darn mouth or pay $20.00 fine for dropping F-bombs

Contributed By Roy Denish “Click it or get ticketed” is the major slogan for drivers not wearing seat belts in most of the US cities, but a small town in Massachusetts has created a different kind of ban. “No F-bombs in public or get fined.” On Monday night, voters in Middleborough voted overwhelmingly to ban […]

President Obama visits UNLV

By Jahaziel Martinez (Jazy Martz) Alejandra Gonzalez finds herself standing in the crowd waiting to see President Obama. It will probably be the first time she sees him, and like many students, she struggles with the debt she got into to get her bachelor’s degree in education. On June 7, the president of the country […]

What is really wrong with our economy: Consumer Credit

By Big Jim Donahue It’s been more than four years now since the housing bubble burst and the current recession began. Now you would think that in this amount of time, our economy would be back on track. Especially with all of the different stimulus monies spent, the different bailouts, etc. And let’s not forget […]