Antarctica’s Lake Ellsworth: UK Team Will Drill for Million-Year-Old Microbial Life

Prof. Martin Siegert of the University of Bristol, England, will lead a team of British scientists, engineers, and support staff in the search for million-year-old bacteria deeply embedded in the subglacial ice of Lake Ellsworth, Antarctica. The technology involved to accommodate the extreme temperatures in Antarctica is absolutely amazing. Numerous instruments and power tool assemblies […]

Sir Ian McKellen Reveals he has Prostate Cancer; FDA Approves use of Zytiga for Pre-Chemotherapy Prostate Cancer Patients

UPDATE: Sir Ian McKellen, well-known British actor, has announced today that he has prostate cancer, and has had it for the last six or seven years, adding that the disease was not life-threatening. “The Hobbit,” and “The Lord of the Rings” actor revealed this new information in an interview published today by the Daily Mirror […]

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