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Frackle Media Group has just released the highly anticipated social media magazine, NewYorkerTimes.com. If you write fiction, non-fiction, novels, investigative journalism etc., the New Yorker Times is interested in cultivating your talent.

  1. Your application guarantees you a chance to shape the future of our unique media product.
  2. Please complete the information form below. Near the end of this form, you will be asked to provide a sample article for immediate entry into our publication.
  3. Note: this application will be considered incomplete if you fail to submit an original sample article.

Reporter Defined: Writers that aspire to become reporter are expected to submit an average of one-and-a-half articles per day. In addition, a reporter and his/her team must accumulate an average of 0-100 page view each month. Though the task may appear difficult, those that aspire to this lofty goal will be taught and assisted by a Frackle member that has consistently accomplished this task. Writers, honored as Reporter, receive compensation above the industries standard.

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