19-Year-Old Teen Shot Dead in Summerlin

By Isabelle Guzman

The shooting took place a little before 9:30am on Tuesday March 20th 2012, in a backyard on Spurs Court, near Sahara and Hualapai.  Demarcus Carter, identified as an intruder was pronounced dead on the scene.  The shooter was the resident where the scene took place.  He shot Carter through the back glass door believing his presence was an attempt at a home invasion. The resident who remains unidentified was not injured.  Decision is still pending whether charges are going to be pressed against the man who pulled the trigger.  He has not been arrested.

A preliminary investigation revealed no acquaintance between the two men and that the young man had no legitimate reason or any authorization to be present in the backyard.  Police reports that Carter was unarmed at the moment of the shooting.

At first, it was told that Demarcus Carter’s only prior record with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was a citation for “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” in March 2011. Later, information was released that records and court documents stated more than that one incident. Actually, it reads in the records that Demarcus Carter had been arrested in 2011 for 13 felonies in North Las Vegas including two home invasions. Court records report that Carter had pled guilty to the charges against him last year and was sentenced to a three year probation in December. This past February, Carter was arrested for violating the terms of his probation and was released the weekend before the shooting took place.

The story was a shock for the residents of the area who mentioned that the neighborhood had a relatively safe atmosphere and that, as far as they knew, had never been the scene of any major incidents.