How I See It

by Lynn M Davis

By now I am sure that most of you have heard, or read that a child and a police officer were shot near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Vegas Drive on Friday night. Thankfully both of them will be ok. According to a source inside the department, the sergeant in charge
ordered the door kicked in instead of waiting on Swat to arrive.
Subsequently the officer was shot following a direct order from his sergeant to enter the house.
As I started to see and hear comments people were making concerning this event, it sickened me to see the lack of concern for the police officer. This man is somebody’s son, possibly a husband and father. I would like to give you more details about him but I don’t know who he is. Why?  Because unless he died, he is really not news- worthy. I do know that he was not drafted into becoming an officer. Taking a quote from another officer’s wife, “He goes out and does his job every day because he cares. He became a police officer to help people. He’s like hundreds of other guys in this community who went into law enforcement to make a positive change. Not because they want to mess with people or have authority issues – heavens knows there are plenty of those – but because they wanted to HELP. And he does that – quietly and steadily.” These officers have given up Thanksgivings, Christmases, New Year’s Eves, and countless personal events that most of us get time off for. They never complained about it or asked for a thank you, because it’s part of the job….it is, after all, public service.
Are there officers who abuse their power? Absolutely!  But they are the minority of bad seeds that you get in any occupation from a janitor to the President. When something goes bad with an officer I always hear about Metro as a whole in a negative light. What about all the good that is done, the lives saved, the crime diverted, the officers injured in the line of duty, or worse. I don’t remember hearing a “Way to go Metro!” mentioned then.
Knowing there are people in the community who hate you just because you wear a police uniform must make serving a lot more difficult.
It is no different in my mind than being labeled a gang banger because you’re Hispanic, or a drug dealer because you are African American. We’re great at bunching groups of people together in a negative light, how about trying to focus on the positives for a change.
To quote a comment I read on a forum recently,
“If you have a problem with a mugger, robber, burglar or worse, you shouldn’t call 911, you should call the ACLU. See how much good that does you!” That’s how I see it.
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