Late Night Shooting

by Samantha Carrillo

On Friday, March 16th officers were responding to a shooting at 9:58pm on Wyatt Avenue, near MLK and Vegas Drive.  They had received a 911 call for assault and battery from the residence. Allegedly, the gunman’s shots were fired through a wall, grazed the child, and then the child was taken to UMC.

According to sources, the officers arrived a short time after the incident occurred.  Upon arrival of the officers, shots rang out again, and one officer was hit, a bullet grazing the side of his head.  The officer, who has since been identified as Brian Jackson, a seven-year veteran on the force, was rushed to UMC where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

When SWAT was finally able to enter the house, around 2-2:30am, the gunman was found dead.  No shots were fired by SWAT, and the cause of death of the gunman is still under investigation.

SWAT was called out after the suspect became barricaded in his residence and refused to surrender to authorities.  Simply stated, police are expected to defend the public, while SWAT is expected to back up the police.  SWAT’s purpose is to diffuse highly dangerous situations in attempts to bring about peaceful resolutions.

When these occurrences happen, the question of gun safety is always brought to the table.  Herb Peters, candidate for Congress in Nevada’s Congressional District 1 commented, “I am very saddened by the two people injured as the result of recent gunfire here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We, as law-abiding citizens that choose to own a firearm, MUST be highly disciplined in the use of our weapons.  We must know the rules of engagement and we must, to the best of our abilities, avoid accidental discharges of our weapons.  If I choose to own a gun, my training is my responsibility.”

Although we have seen cases of random violence related to firearms, this was definitely a case of domestic violence where a firearm also came into play.

Says Peters, “Our society is safer when people have a right to bear arms… We must continue in the right direction.  If you decide to have a weapon, I urge you to get trained on its use and handling.”