Nevada leading the way in Clean Energy

Kelly J Newson

This past week, Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), released a report called “Playing to Win in Clean Energy.”  In his report he pinpoints some key issues and steps Nevada must take and has already taken toward moving closer to a clean energy economy.  In his report he has highlighted that clean energy job growth measured annually at 5.8 percent between 2003 to 2010; there will be clean energy jobs that will pay $8,000 more than the median wage for other jobs in Nevada; Nevada is ranked in the top 5 nationally for installed solar photovoltaic, concentrating solar, and geothermal nameplate capacity and the total estimated financial benefit for Nevada’s economy is $1.04 billion and that’s just from the six projects mentioned in Sen. Harry Reid’s report..  Also stated in the report, Nevada’s wind energy resources could provide nearly 60% of the state’s current electricity needs.  What Sen. Reid has stated in his report seems great on paper and who wouldn’t want to be more energy efficient, receive tax credits, save money on utility bills and bring in more job growth?  But this will cost money and is for many, a huge risk.  In the long run it will be money well spent.  It’s just a matter of getting these projects, and more like them, off the ground and running.  We can’t sit around and do nothing anymore.  It’s a gamble either way but doing nothing could mean far worse.  It’s time to move away from fossil fuels and on to clean energy, with Nevada leading the way.  To read Senator Reid’s report in its entirety go to:

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