Pope Benedict Brings Peace to Mexico for Three Days

By Randy Rose

All of the Mexican Drug Cartels have agreed to stop their violence as long as Pope Benedict is in Mexico. Pope Benedict decided to visit Mexico and then Cuba, all before April 8th, when he must be back to celebrate Easter Sunday at the Vatican. The drug cartels placed large signs over passageways, letting the people know that there was not going to be any violence during the Pope’s visit.  This will allow the civilian population to breathe a little easier for the next three days. Pope Benedict, following in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II, creates peace wherever he travels. Pope John Paul II has been credited with the fall of Communism and the Soviet Union.  In my opinion, this proves that the one common thread amongst injustice, crime and violence is a strong belief in the Church. The question that remains is, “What will happen when the Pope leaves?” Will violence reoccur? Will the Drug Cartels hear the Pope’s message of peace? Will the violence in Mexico decrease? The violence is due to the fact that drugs are illegal. Where there is prohibition there is always violence and crime. The answer may be to make drugs legal, like Ron Paul is promoting. The crime and violence that ensued when alcohol was prohibited and the peace dividend that occurred when prohibition was repealed speaks volumes. Take the peace when you can get it, even if it’s only for three days.  Pope Benedict will be missed by Mexico if the violence returns.  Time will tell.

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