Kevin Costner escapes Stephen Baldwin’s legal claims while Lucy Lawless pleads guilty

By DiMarkco Chandler

Oil companies took the legal oxygen out of the air today as both Lucy Lawless and Stephen Baldwin were on the short end of justice. We first learned that Kevin Costner will not have to pay Stephen Baldwin a nickel since a jury ruled in favor of the defendant. In December 2010, Baldwin filed a $3.8 million lawsuit against Costner, claiming that the “I Will Always Love You” costar hid information that was essential to his investment in Costner’s oil separation machines company and subsequent contract that consummated after Baldwin and his partner, Spyridon Contourgis, sold their shares. Specifically, Baldwin asserted that if he had known that BP had put a $52 million order in for the devices, he would have held on to his shares. Nevertheless, the jury did not see it that way and ruled in favor of Costner, leaving Baldwin and Contourgis empty handed.

Lucy Lawless, who played Xena: Warrior Princess, plead guilty to illegally occupying an oil drilling ship. Lawless had been arrested along with seven other defendants for scaling the 53m-high derrick of the ship and then placed a banner that read ‘Stop Shell, Save the Arctic.” Initially, they were charged with burglary, but when the prosecutors agreed to reduce the charges to illegally boarding a ship, Lawless and her codefendants accepted responsibility.

Both cases drew national media attention. Of course, since Baldwin’s case went to trail, reporters flocked to it on a daily basis.

If not for the celebrity of the defendants, perhaps these cases would have skipped quietly underneath the radar. It arguably took names like Costner, Baldwin and Lucy Lawless to put a spotlight on oil company practices. In that effort, Lawless’ case was much more successful in illuminating the issues.

4 Responses to "Kevin Costner escapes Stephen Baldwin’s legal claims while Lucy Lawless pleads guilty"

  1. Jessica   June 15, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    Lucy is a corageous warrior and she deserves to be free along with everyone else. Lucy was fighting for what is right and I know she’ll get the results she needs. Lucy is only thinking about saving our world for the next generation. Lucy is a hero and she’s my hero, has been since she played Xena Warrior Princess. You Go Lucy!!!!!

  2. james   June 15, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Lucy is a media whore. She is a criminal and she should get three years in jail.New Zealand however is weak with it’s laws and Greenpeace has a free ride with the court system. They want do anything to her. NZ police and courts are a joke.And Lawless is not worried at all–she and others will skate free,it is all about publicity.She said she was mental -she is right about that.If someone came to her house and trespassed for 4 days she would want them arrested and put in jail-their is no difference that what she did-She and the others broke into the shipyard and when told to leave they refused/ Give her and the other criminals 3 years.

    • KatHy Cullen   June 18, 2012 at 8:49 pm

      To the commentor.
      Go suck an egg you yellow coward. She knew the risks. I don’t see you standing up for your beliefs. Stand back, do nothing and watch is all you can do. What I think is she has the courage of her convictions! Saving your home (earth), what are you doing?!


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