Amanda Bynes Problems In Free Fall, Judge Adds 2 Counts Driving On Suspended License

Amanda Bynes problems appear to be in free fall as Judge adds 2 counts of driving on a suspended license to the mounting counts against her. Clearly, she is going through a terrible period of ups and downs and unfortunately, the downs have outnumbered the ups. Nevertheless, she is weathering the storm bravely, even in the face of public criticism. Friday, the former Nickelodeon child star was dealt another blow when she was officially charged with two counts of knowingly driving with a suspended license according to

Perhaps you’re wondering why two? Because she was pulled over by Burbank, California police officers near the Bob Hope Airport last Sunday morning for not having her paperwork in order, and then, shockingly, she was pulled over just an hour and a half later in the same area, obviously still without a license.

According to E! Online, Bynes’ car was impounded after the second offense, and she’s recently been spotted taking cabs. By the 16th of October, she’ll need to take one more to the Burbank courthouse to answer the charges pending against her or else her legal situation will get even more perilous.

If convicted on both new charges, Bynes could spend up to a year in jail. Considering there’s also a DUI and two hit-and-run charges pending against her too, the ultimate sentence could be even worse, at least if she doesn’t consider bundling it all together and taking a plea bargain as soon as possible. Unfortunately, since she’s still reportedly telling friends and family members she hasn’t done anything wrong, it seems unlikely she will consider a public acknowledgement of wrongdoing in front of the court.

Additionally, Bynes received a stern warning from a Los Angeles judge overseeing her hit-and-run case. The judge admonished the 26-year-old actress to stay out of trouble or face jail time.

The Hairspray star’s driving license was suspended on September 12 after a string of traffic troubles, including a DUI charge and two counts of hit-and-run, but she ignored the ban and was back on the road the following day, when she was involved in a minor fender bender.

When she was caught behind the wheel again on Sunday when she was pulled over by Burbank, California police, who issued her a ticket for getting behind the wheel with a suspended license and impounded her black BMW 5-series.

Prosecutors appealed to Judge Elden Fox to impose $50,000 bail on Bynes following her additional legal issues, claiming she posed a risk to the public, but her lawyer headed to court to argue against the request.

Judge Fox sided with Bynes’ representative and denied the motion for bail as the star’s most recent hit-and-run charge occurred on August 4, when she was still allowed to drive.

He stated: “Technically, Ms. Bynes is not in violation of order not to drive without a valid driver’s license” on the August 4 case.

However, the judge made it clear that Bynes would face strict punishment if she was pulled over by traffic cops again and warned her lawyer she would face a much higher bail than the $50,000 proposed. But now we have learned that the judge was not finished with Amanda as I have corrected in this articles opening paragraphs.

Bynes is due to stand trial for the DUI and hit-and-run charges on October 29.

Bynes also learned that her alleged hit and run victim, Kisa Bolinger has demanded a $15k settlement from the troubled actress in addition to the $1,500 in damages to her car according to

The LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division investigated the Aug. 4 incident on Ventura Boulevard, in which a motorist said a vehicle driven by Bynes rear-ended and damaged her Toyota on Ventura Boulevard. The driver said Bynes stopped only briefly, declared there was no damage and drove off.

The woman told investigators her car was damaged and that Bynes failed to provide insurance information or allow police to be called before she left, Lt. Andrew Neiman said.

Lt. Andrew Neiman of the Los Angeles Police Department said investigators determined the Toyota had about $800 in damage, and the actress did not notify police or exchange insurance information as required by law. He said detectives will forward those findings to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, which will decide whether to prosecute the matter, possibly as a hit-and-run case.

Neiman said investigators determined that the Toyota had about $800 in damage, and that the actress did not notify police or exchange insurance information as required by law.

Now according to Radar, Bolinger wants $15k settlement from Amanda even though she suffered no injuries.

We’ll keep you updated as Bynes begins making her court appearances over the next few months. Until then, here’s to hoping she doesn’t get behind the wheel again.

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