Everything Hillary Clinton touches goes up in smoke


By Eric Lageson

April 19, 1993. When the Branch-Davidians burned in Mt. Carmel near Waco, TX, most of the blame fell on Attorney General Janet Reno. In reality, then-First Lady Hillary Clinton ran the Justice Department and approved of “The Jericho Plan”. Reno was her stooge. When you send in tanks with flame-throwers, it’s not to save lives. It’s to end lives. (See documentaries “Waco: Rules of Engagement” and “Waco: A New Revelation”.) The government’s mission: kill all the leaders, that is, kill all the men. Things didn’t work out that way, not that Hillary ever cried about it. 86 dead, including 26 children.

Why bring up this nineteen-year old event? Inadvertently, Hillary has made it happen again.

Benghazi, Libya. When the U.S. Consulate is stripped of a “real” security team, its escape plane, its barbed-wire and its ammunition and then is attacked on 9/11/12 – is it any surprise four Americans were killed? Also, don’t forget that they were bombed twice before 9/11 and Ambassador Stevens’ journal stated that he was on an al-Qaeda hit-list.
Micro-manager Hillary passes everything down a chain-of-command; that way nothing ever touches her. Someone as obscenely officious as HRC would pretty much know everything that goes on in her State Dept.
On 9/11/12, by an unlucky coincidence, Egyptian protestors rioted at the U.S. Embassy over a video posted on YouTube. Obama officials decided to link the two events together, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with each other.
VP Debate, 10/11/12. Joe Biden makes waves by saying “we” (Obama-Biden) knew nothing about the calls for added security in Benghazi. This was an obvious move to shift the blame to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 10/14/12. Hillary “accepts blame” for the Benghazi terrorist attack fiasco, then turns around and blames it on her British “security team of professionals” named the “Blue Mountain Group”. (They don’t use guns, they use batons and flashlights.)
Presidential Debate 2 – 10/16/12. Moderator Candy Crowley mentioned Hillary’s declaration of blame to Pres. Obama. Obama is trapped when Gov. Romney says, “The buck stops with the President.” Obama is now forced to accept blame for what happened. But, did he…?

Now, it’s down to quibbling over who said what to who and when did Obama call it “an act of terror”? (9/12/12.) Did Obama mean an act of terrorism? If so, why blame it on a YouTube video for two weeks?
Where does the blame go? It goes to the decision-maker who approved the reduced security team in Benghazi. Whoever is responsible should be fired. Incredibly, they were hired because they agreed to use no ammunition in guarding a U.S. Consulate ready to be destroyed. Who is that person?
It must be Hillary Clinton.

Why did Hillary hire the Blue Mountain Group? I believe it was done in the name of “political correctness” – a phrase invented by the Clinton Administration in the 1990’s.
Hillary’s meaningless “accept the blame” statement was meant to help Obama in the second debate. It didn’t.

What should Pres. Obama do?
Anyone who has read my column knows I’m no fan of the President; however, the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three others is NOT a political issue. It never was.
That’s why for the good of the country, the President needs to fire Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He needs to do it before the election.
Will it affect the outcome? Will it help Obama be re-elected? It doesn’t matter. Because firing Hillary Clinton is simply the right thing to do. If he doesn’t, Benghazi-gate will envelop the White House.

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