Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Lifts Tsunami Warning and Replaces it with an Advisory.

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has lifted the tsunami warning, replacing it with an official advisory. What this appears to mean is that people can once again return to their homes.

If you have evacuated Hawaii State official have signaled that it is safe for residents and visitors to return to their homes and hotels. Though something strange had been observed by state geologist, the analysis has made state officials confident that it is safe to return.

The status of the advisory with be determined county by county, the governor said.

Honolulu Major has announced that he has access to the situation; and there has been some wave activity causing state civil defense a little concern. Therefore, until information indicates the city is safe the advisory will remain in place. But that was before Gov. Abercrombie made the official announcement that lifted the tsunami warning.

Officials haven’t heard anything about any damages or injuries.

The biggest waves where reporter on Haleiva.

11:07 a 2.5 ft wave was just reporter the number are kind of getting higher from what they reporter. It doesn’t look like the night is over yet.

Officials are all working together and the best thing they are now telling tourist is to work with their hotel, they have experience dealing with this kind of situations.

Officials also have a hot line where they can call and get more info 1-800 call Hawaii. Some of the airports have been close until further notice.

After the tsunami warning and advisory passes, state officials are asking folks to please stay away from the beach for at least one day, and don’t go in the water until further notice.

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