Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) is not a birth certificate



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Written/Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson

There are two sides to every story.
For the last five years, so-called “birthers” have claimed that Barack Obama is ineligible to be the President of the United States because he is a foreigner. This article will examine those claims.

The Birth Certificate
Originally, presidential candidate and then-Sen. Barack Obama offered a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth as proof of his country of origin. Opponents claim: a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) is not a birth certificate. It was further argued that Obama’s father’s race is listed as “African”, and not “Negro”, the word used in 1961. (The obvious meaning: the COLB was created recently.) Opponents hired experts, who said the COLB contained abnormalities indicating forgery. It is fairly easy to create with Photoshop. Advocates claimed that a Certificate of Live Birth was enough to identify Barack Obama and any argument to the contrary is based on racism.
Advocates further argue that on 8-13-61, Barack Obama’s birth announcement was printed in two newspapers: the “Honolulu Star-Bulletin” and the “Honolulu Sunday Advertiser”. Opponent’s counter this was automatically done after his mother registered his birth upon her return from Kenya.
April 27, 2011. Pres. Barack Obama releases his long-form birth certificate. Advocates say this is the end of the birther issue.
March 1, 2012 – Obama opponent Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s (Maricopa County, AZ) press conference. After a six month examination by Arpaio’s own chosen experts, he concludes that the birth certification is a forgery. (The certificate contains numerous abnormalities, i.e., Photoshop layering, different fonts and numbering, color variations, etc.) The media have, for the most part, dismissed Arpaio as a “birther with no credibility.”
IMPORTANT. Whether you believe Obama is a foreigner or not, the 2011 release of his birth certificate proves that he was not “vetted” by Congress in 2008. Sen. John Cain was “vetted” because of his birth in the Panama Canal Zone, then a U.S. territory.

Kenya or Hawaii?
Opponents claim: Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, gave birth to Barack Obama II while visiting his father’s relatives in Mombasa, Kenya. Sarah Hussein Obama, Obama’s grandmother, verifies this in an audio recording.
Advocates claim: Sarah Obama’s statements were mistranslated. Opponents hired language experts who said they were not.
Advocates further argue that advanced age has affected Sarah Obama’s brain.
IMPORTANT. Most of Obama’s mother’s passport records are not available for examination. The U.S. State Department’s claim: they were destroyed sometime in the 1980’s in a space-saving purge.
Contradicting itself, the State Department’s website also claims passport records are saved from 1925 until this present time.

Natural versus Native Born
Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution declares that to qualify for the office of the Presidency, you must be a natural-born citizen.
What is the difference between natural and native born?
Native-born: born in the USA to foreign-born parents. If Obama were born in Kenya, he could still qualify as a U.S. citizen if his mother had been 19 years of age. She was 18. (i.e., Stanley Ann Dunham had not lived in the USA for five years past her 14th birthday to qualify.) This assumes Barack Obama II was born in Kenyan and not Hawaii.
Natural-born means born in the USA to parents who are U.S. citizens.

Two Hospitals?
Obama’s claim: he was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii (8-4-61.) Opponents claim: Prior to January 2009, all previous articles on Obama list his hospital of birth as Queen’s Medical Center.
Why the discrepancy?
Websites which contained the “Queen’s Medical Center” info were scrubbed, and then replaced with “Kapi’olani”.
Opponents argue this is further proof of an Obama deception, and further allege the President paid off the Kapi’olani hospital in the guise of a donation.


The Move to Indonesia
Stanley Ann Dunham (now divorced) remarries in 1965 to Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian. The Soetoro’s moved to Indonesia (1967 – 1971.) Initially, Obama’s name is changed to Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah. (Soebarkah being a derivative name of Soetoro.) Is this proof of an adoption? If so, why is Obama hiding it? Obama’s name is changed again to Barry Soetoro.
Obama attends two different schools, one Muslim (the Basuki School) and one Catholic – St. Francis of Assisi. His school records list Obama’s (now Barry Soetoro) nationality as “Indonesian” and his religion as “Islam”. These facts point to our current President being adopted and his name and nationality being changed. Obama denies it.
In 1968, Stanley Ann Dunham had her son taken off her passport. Opponents claim: Obama received an Indonesian passport to replace it, further proof he is an Indonesian citizen. (Indonesia does not allow dual-citizenship status.)
Also, Obama travelled to Indonesia and Pakistan in 1981, presumably with an Indonesian passport. It would have been much easier to gain entry with an Indonesian passport, rather than an American one.
Obama advocates claim: no adoption papers have been shown. Also, living in Indonesia for four and a half years does not make Obama an Indonesian or a Muslim.

Connecticut Social Security Card
For whatever reason, Pres. Obama uses a Connecticut Social Security Card, despite the fact there is no proof he ever worked or resided there. Obama first job was at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Hawaii (1975.)
A citizen of the U.S. is allowed only one Social Security number per lifetime.
Obama opponents brought the matter before Judge Royce Lamberth who dismissed the case because “the President has a right to his privacy.”

Records Sealed
Throughout the years, Obama has spent a great deal of time, money and effort having his past officially closed. His sealed records include-Birth and possible adoption records (Hawaiian Dept. of Health) Passport and Travel Records Medical Records Missing articles written for colleges and universities State Senate Records Multiple School Records including: Punahou Private School in Hawaii Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA Columbia University (There is some doubt Obama ever attended this school. Few witnesses remember him attending. Obama’s explanation is that he spent most of his time as a recluse in the library.) Harvard Law School.


Opponents claim: Obama received multiple scholarships as a “foreign student.”
Oct. 24, 2012. Billionaire Donald Trump offers 5 million dollars to Obama’s favorite charity, if he’ll release his college/passport records and applications. The mainstream media dismisses the challenge as a “publicity stunt.”
Advocates claim: Obama’s scholarships were received because of his “high grades”. There is no proof of his “high grades” because all of his records have been sealed.


It can be argued that Pres. Obama can, if he has the money and wherewithal, legally seal his records, but this contradicts his claim that his Presidency would be the most “transparent” in U.S. history. Obama’s life is more like a prism, changing colors and lights whenever you turn it.
Advocates will continue to maintain that anyone who opposes Obama is a “racist.”Racism is a two-way street; to discount a presidential candidate because he is old and white (McCain) or rich and white (Romney) equals discrimination by all definitions of logic. Maybe in 2008, logic died.

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