Congress outranked by used car salesmen for trustworthiness

Lawmakers favorability rating dropped to just 9%: Sad, So So Sad

Congress outranked by used car salesmen for trustworthiness

In a telephone poll of 830 voters, Congress’s favorability rating dropped to just 9%. 85% viewed our legislators in a negative way.

Pretty bad figures, right? But it gets worse.

When asked their preference between congress and certain disliked conditions or situations, the latter prevailed. They included contracting head lice, having a root canal, enduring a colonoscopy, or being stuck in traffic.

Professions that were ranked more trustworthy than our legislators were; used car salesmen, NFL replacement referees, and carnival workers. Outranked by used car salesmen establishes a new low for America’s legislative body.

The sad conclusion to the story is that congress doesn’t care what we think of them, except during a re-election campaign when they make promises, knowing full well that after they are elected, they will forget all about them. They are only interested in what benefits them.

I guess we deserve it. We vote them into office. But why? The culprit is our own naiveté. We believe their television ads. We don’t research their voting records or scrutinize their position on vital issues.

The phrase, “you get what you paid for”, most certainly applies to our elected officials. They raised multi-millions of dollars for their campaigns, and bought themselves a job that pays little by comparison. But they still manage to become wealthy while in office.

My daughter once asked me what I would do if I could start my working life over. How would I make the kind of money I would like to have? My answer surprised her. I said the only two ways I know of becoming wealthy, and never have to actually work for a living, were to become a Televangelist, or a Politician. Think about it.


By James Turnage

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