Idaho Senator Joe Crapo Convicted in a Virginia Court

A Little Chuckle at the Expense of Another Republican Phony

Idaho Senator Joe Crapo Convicted in a Virginia CourtThe Associated Press is reporting that Joe Crapo, the Republican Senator from Idaho, who is also a Member of the LDS Church and therefore, should not drink alcohol, was convicted in a Virginia court of a drunk driving charge. He pled guilty. He was pulled over December 23, after running a red light.  His blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. He was ordered to pay a 250 dollar fine, and take a course on alcohol safety.

His 180 day jail sentence was suspended, but he will lose his driver’s license for 12 months.

Kind of reminds me of the job I had when I was young. I worked for an airline in Los Angeles. I worked almost every area at one time or another during my 10 years there. When I worked in catering, where we put food and beverages on the flights, on all flights to Salt Lake City, we were ordered to double the vodka in the liquor kit. I’ll let you make the assumption as to why.