X Factor welcomes Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato back to The X Factor

The beautiful Demi Lovato, who won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Celebrity Judge in January, has signed on to return for THE X FACTOR Season 3. The talented 20-year-old started in show business as a child and rose quickly. At fifteen, she was a bona fide TV star cultivating a promising singing career. In the late 2000s, while maintaining a rigorous TV and film shooting schedule, Lovato released two massively successful solo albums, Don’t Forget (2007) and Here We Go Again (2009); the former debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, the latter at #1.

“I am so excited to return as a judge and mentor on The X Factor,” said Lovato in a press release. “Last season was an unbelievable experience and I really enjoyed developing personal relationships with the contestants and the panel. I look forward to taking my previous experience and applying it to make this season even better.”

Demi Lovato has had a phenomenal start to 2013. Spurred by first-week sales of 215,000, “Heart Attack,” the first single off her untitled, upcoming fourth album, recently achieved Gold status in the U.S., debuted at #1 on the iTunes’ chart in 18 countries (including the U.S.) and #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 (the second-best Billboard debut of the year). The single became the most added song on Top 40 Radio in the U.S. the week it premiered, and is currently being played on over 190 radio stations. To date, there have been over 20 worldwide Twitter trends for “Heart Attack.” The song was produced by The Suspex and co-written by Lovato.

THE X FACTOR is thrilled to have such an iconic performer as Demi on the judging panel. At the start of Demi’s first season she noted that she didn’t think judging would be so difficult. “I definitely didn’t think that it would be this challenging because saying no to people is really hard,” she explained. “And emotionally, it kind of messes with you a little bit because you don’t want to say no to some people and then some people you’re torn, and you know in the back of your mind if you say no what if that was their only shot, and you let them go when they weren’t really that bad. It is really confusing.”

Demi proved to be more than equal to the task. As the youngest judge and mentor, Lovato brought a fresh perspective to the panel and received praise from critics for her banter with Cowell and active involvement as a judge. Each week, viewers watched as she worked with her mentees and developed a personal relationship with each. Do you have THE X FACTOR and want the chance to be mentored by Demi Lovato? Register to audition for Season 3 at www.thexfactorusa.com/auditions.

Such personal attention and devotion is an integral part of Demi’s personality and she remains devoted to giving back. In 2011, in order to raise awareness about personal issues similar to her own, Lovato became a Contributing Editor to Seventeen magazine. She used Seventeen as a platform to discuss her personal issues as a part of a larger campaign called “Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect,” directed towards teen girls. After revealing that she had been bullied at the age of 12, Lovato has also supported numerous anti-bullying organizations.

“I just speak my mind,” Demi once said of her judging style. “Sometimes I’ve been called the toughest judge, but I can also be really, really nice and I try to make people laugh as much as possible because it’s all about having fun.” Demi will surely bring her compassion, honesty, and humor back to THE X FACTOR Season 3.

Despite these two returning for X Factor season three, we learned earlier this year that L.A. Reid and Britney Spears are both finished with the show. There’s no word yet on who will be selected to fill their seats, but presumably Cowell will attempt to find big name stars.