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Brain Waves and Sex

What is your brain doing?


What are your brain waves doing during sex? In hopes of discovering a cure for those who could not reach orgasm, Barry Komisaruk, a psychology professor at Rutgers University, has been studying the brain activity of women during orgasm. The findings are fascinating.

Apparently, during an orgasm, you start out with localized stimulation, which then increases as the brain “recruits other neurons” and more and more regions of the brain become active. In a seven minute video of the brain recorded during a trial (where one woman stimulated herself), by the end nearly the entire brain is lit up – telling us that most of the brain systems become active at climax.

VIDEO: Watch a woman’s brain as she approaches and reaches orgasm

According to Komisaruk, this is what happens during sex:

After genital stimulation floods the sensory cortex, the limbic system — which is involved in emotional and physiological responses — is turned on.
Then activity spreads to the two parts of the brain called the cerebellum and the frontal cortex…orgasm activity reaches its peak in the hypothalamus which secretes oxytocin which causes pleasurable feelings and the uterus to contract. Activity also peaks in the nucleus accumbens, which is an area also associated with pleasure and reward.” 

That’s the technical process anyway…the mystery in the science is how neurons produce pleasure and pain, which is still unknown.

When two people in coherence touch, they move into entrainment

Ever heard of entrainment?  Entrainment means that you come into ‘sync’ with someone or something else – essentially you get on the same ‘brainwave’ as them.  An organization called HeartMath has the technology to measure brainwaves, and has found that most people’s brain reads out in jagged up and down lines.  When you do the ‘HeartMath’ technique, designed to bring you into coherence or balance with in, then your brainwaves change to become smooth and wavy.  The technique is simple.

Fist you bring attention to your heart space.  Imagine breathing in and out of your heart area, as if you had a mouth there.  Do this for a couple of minutes.  When you feel accomplished and calm in the heart, begin to think of someone or something that you appreciate very much and imagine breathing that appreciation in and out of your heart.  Do this for several minutes.

If you have been experiencing stress of any kind, practicing HeartMath will reduce the stress every time by at least a few points.  When you get into coherence with yourself, and smooth out your own brainwave – bringing you into more of an Alpha brainwave state – and then you touch someone else, their brainwaves automatically come into coherence.  You two become entrained.

Brainwave synchronization during Sex

This simple technique is an automatic during most sexual encounters between loving partners.  When there is mutual love and appreciation coupled with adoration, the heart opens and gratitude becomes part of the love play.  During the time considered ‘foreplay’ the heart and brainwaves begin to automatically move into coherence.  When you are in coherence, the alpha and theta brain waves produced bring the left and right brain hemispheres into balance and light up the entire brain.  Oxygen fills the brain and one enters into a state akin to deep blissful meditation.

If a man practices bringing his awareness up the spine during sexual intercourse, instead of immediately releasing, he will begin to tap into, through practice, the ability to have more full-body orgasms similar to what a woman experiences.  These techniques are explained more in depth in tantric and Egyptian alchemical texts.

 Improve your performance and your health by balancing your brainwaves

Our brains are most joyful when our brainwaves resonate at around 7.8 cycles per minute, which is on the threshold between a high Theta and a low Alpha state.  In this place we feel the most positive, confident and joyful.  Sexual pleasure and fulfillment are possible when most relaxed and comfortable.  Taking time to speak lovingly to one another and give light gentle touch to your partner can increase the brainwaves necessary for the best possible sex.

Understanding the process that our brains go through during sexual intercourse is a great way to remember to love your partner up, because it’s more than just the sex, it’s the entrainment.  Studies say a healthy sex life reduces your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease, lowers stress and reduces chronic pain (due to all those positive endorphins being released).

Written by: Stasia Bliss


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