Florida Sheriff Nicholas Finch Arrested for Doing His Job

Florida Sheriff Nicholas Finch Arrested for Doing His Job

The residents of Liberty County, Florida heard the news Wednesday that their Sheriff was arrested for doing his job. Sheriff Nicholas Finch, 50, was booked into the Liberty County Jail around 5 pm Tuesday. Florida Governor Rick Scott has named Carl Causey to the post of interim county sheriff. Liberty County is situated in the Florida panhandle, about 40 miles west of the state capital, Tallahassee.

Finch is being charged with official misconduct. He was released from jail on his own recognizance shortly after being booked in.

The charge is related to an incident in March, in which a deputy sheriff arrested a resident of the county for carrying a concealed weapon. Finch made the decision to release the individual shortly afterwards. It is alleged that he then altered or destroyed paperwork relating to the arrest.

Finch has not commented on the matter himself, but his attorney, Jimmy Judkins, released a statement which read “The records at the jail show exactly what happened in this case and the records speak the truth. The sheriff looked at the facts and said ‘I believe in the second amendment and we’re not going to charge him.’ That is not misconduct at all. That is within the Sheriff’s prerogative whether to charge someone or not.” It appears, therefore, that the Florida sheriff was arrested for doing his job.

Following the March 8th incident, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) served a search warrant at the county jail. A press release from FDLE announced the arrest yesterday. The case will go to the State Attorney’s Office, 2nd Judicial Circuit.

One Liberty County resident told WCTV “In my personal opinion he was doing his job and people didn’t like it.”

Carl Causey, who will replace Sheriff Finch – at least until July 4th – was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for FDLE’s Pensacola Region. Prior to that, he spent 11 years with the  Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. Finch was elected Sheriff of Liberty County in November 2012.

In February of this year, all 67 county sheriffs in Florida signed a pledge declaring that they would uphold the 2nd Amendment and protect people’s’ right to keep and bear arms. Sheriff Finch was a signatory to the pledge.

The Sheriff’s Association in the neighboring state of Georgia have made a similar pledge to protect the 2nd Amendment.  A statement on the GSA website reads “The sheriffs took an oath to support the Constitution and will stand by the 2nd Amendment. The sheriffs will aggressively oppose federal or state legislation which infringes upon law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. Sheriff Clay N. Whittle of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department, said during a radio interview “…we are not going to allow anyone to come into the State of Georgia and violate the Constitution or it’s Amendments, and that specifically carries with it defense of the Second Amendment.” Sheriff Whittle went on to explain the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment: ““The original signers of the Declaration (Constitution) wanted to make sure that people understood that it was about defense of the country against a tyrannical government.”

Sheriffs and police chiefs from across the country have voiced similar opinions. The case of Finch, the Florida sheriff arrested for doing his job, may be the opening shot in a battle between the politicians who wish to negate the 2nd amendment and the law enforcement officers who know that the presence of armed civilians makes their job easier, and who are determined to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Written by Graham J Noble


29 thoughts on “Florida Sheriff Nicholas Finch Arrested for Doing His Job

  1. Is a shame that Governor Scott has removed a Sheriff that only followed the second amendment and as Sheriff he had the complete right to take the actions he did. And Mark, you are right there ain’t no liberty in Liberty County.

  2. Rick Scott is a Treasonous Oath-Breaking Traitor who must be Arrested, Tried & EXECUTED, immediately.

  3. The Sheriff made the determination that the deputy in his charge (a sargeant) violated this man’s rights. The Sheriff corrected the error of his deputy. They arrested him for removing a record of a false arrest – yeah, legal paperwork for an unlawful arrest is important to preserve I guess.

  4. It stands to reason if the man was NOT arrested but only logged in, then there should be no records to destroy?

    1. I’ve been watching this article for a week. Something has been bothering me about it, and it just hit me.
      It’s the name of the county. “LIBERTY”
      Are you kidding me? Liberty County, where there is NO liberty. ???

  5. Ite the same thing as Obama,Harry Reid, the IRS, the justice Dept. Homeland security are all doing. It is called the abuse of power and should be curtailed.

  6. Mark,

    I found this info online.


    Sec. 87.017. SUSPENSION PENDING TRIAL; TEMPORARY APPOINTEE. (a) After the issuance of the order requiring citation of the officer, the district judge may temporarily suspend the officer and may appoint another person to perform the duties of the office.

  7. I’ll bet a hundred bucks a “Prosecutor” is behind this. Prosecutors are the new predator, along with public employees in general. See Angela Corey, a florida (predator) prosecutor who’s trying a twelve year old child for murder AS AN ADULT!!! This country is totally out of control even at the local level.

    Plunder: How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation by Steven Greenhut
    One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors and Activist Judges Threaten You Liberty by Reosenzweig & Walsh
    Mean Justice: A true account of a prosecutor’s power and betrayel by Edward Humes
    The Man by Irving Wallace (The “Black” President we should have had.)
    The Innocent Man by John Grisham
    Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson
    Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits” as a solution to our political problems.

    The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers
    Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage and the Family by Stephen Baskerville (At least go to Amazon and read the Preface and Introduction to these two books.)
    Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story

    Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom by David Horowitz
    Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
    The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz

    The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Authoritative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana… ….and How Hemp Can Save the World by Jack Herer
    Snitch: Informants, Cooperators & the Corruption of Justice by Ethan Brown

    Larry A. Singleton

  8. As an LEO in Florida, what catches my eye is his changing, or falsifying the records. I think that is what he was arrested for. I would like to see the rest of the facts.
    Here, the State Governor is the only one who can remove an elected Sheriff. It is the governor’s job to appoint a new sheriff until another one can be elected.

  9. As far as I am aware in the State of Alabama the Coroner is the only individual in a County authorized to arrest the Sheriff.

  10. What’s the matter? Is your right-wing nitwit governor actually trying to uphold the law? The Sheriffs DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to decide the Constitutionality of a law. If they sign some pledge to thwart the laws of the state in which they serve, then they should be removed from office. Same goes for the teabaggers pledge to Norquist on taxes. THEY CAN’T DO THIS AND UPHOLD THEIR OATH OF OFFICE.

    You may like what the Sheriff did, but he had no legal right to do it.

    I think it’s hilarious you inbred weirdos are now condemning Rick Scott for upholding the laws of Florida. Freaking hilariously funny. You’re all idiots.

  11. Its time people of America, time to stand and fight. Let the revolution begin the second ammendment gives us the right. Lock&Load we will stand our ground or die!!!!!

  12. Looks like the fight to save the constitution is on. What an awesome sheriff. I wish we had one with the back bone of Sheriff Nicholas

  13. And the replacement for this duley elected sheriff was most likely A back pocket democrap

  14. Sheriffs all over our land have total soverinty in the countys that they are elected in!! Something is going on here that needs an erxpert explaination and quite soon or all Sheriffs will be at risk!!

  15. I don’t understand exactly WHO arrested the Sheriff. Who has the authority to do so, and on what grounds did it occur? The Sheriff clearly has the legal right to decline to prosecute someone (which I gather he did because he did not think it necessary to have a permit to exercise a constitutionally protected right), and I don’t understand who has the legal standing to arrest him just because they disagree with his actions. When people disagree with the actions of their elected officials, they typically vote them out of office. Arresting him and charging him with a crime would have to involve someone with greater authority than the Sheriff making that decision, and I’m curious about who has the authority to do that.

    1. Technically it is not the sheriff who prosecutes, but the DA’s office. It is the sheriff’s office who execute (serves) warrants, places people under arrest, etc.
      And the sheriff’s office can arrest their own, just as a local PD officer can arrest a sheriff’s deputy, etc. The reason you don’t hear about it is because of professional courtesy.
      But typically the state trooper/police force would make arrests on lower departments, and US Marshall’s/Federal would pursue State, etc.
      But there have been cases before of small town police departments arresting higher levels, but then unless the charge is just blatantly felonious, i.e. murder, rape, etc, usually a Police Chief, Sheriff, Gov. etc. issue the call to release him/her.

  16. what is not mention here is whether or not the individual whom was arrested had a concealed gun permit… just a thought. why was he in trouble, why would the Police have a reason to search him?

  17. This simple article will show beyond any reasonable doubt one simple fact . “The Department Of Homeland Security” Only hires Mercenaries to work as enforcement personnel . The reason is simple . AnAmerican Citizen who is part of “law Enforcement” will not take part in the agenda yet to come. DHS has already mechanized and moved into key positions . Fully prepared and waiting for the “marshall law order. Those are the facts . Think it over . what started with Ronald Wilson Reagan , and culminated with the fraudulent takeover of the white house by George Walker Bush and Dick Cheney as the final step .The republicans have since 1784 been attempting to institute a homeland security agenda where any and all laws of democracy are stop[ped and a tyranny takes over . Remember what is being done , was done and is yet to happen was paid for using $3.8 Trillion Dollars of OUR Social Security Funds , that Cheney “Borrowed” then handed a large part of it to Halliburton to build te American Concentration Camps , for undesireable American cirtizens , also Hercules manufacturing a company wholly owned by Halliburton makes press formed casket “liners?” or caskets that are cheap and hold up to 6 American patriot Corpses. Think it over .Want to know who is responsible? Who is to blame .Go to a full length mirror or your bathroom mirror and say “I AM”

    1. Please cite any facts supporting your claims! If they are true, Cheney should be arrested and charged with theft! However, if you cannot prove your points, YOU should be arrested for making a false official statement!

    2. There were no republicans in 1784, Abraham Lincoln was the first R President, and these actions have taken place in a bipartisan manner for decades. Both D and R are responsible for this mess.

  18. The citizens of Florida need to write, phone and any means communicate to the state government, that they too are elected officials also and that the Sherriff was doing his job and if they do not uphold the 2nd amendment of our constitution then they need to be kick out of their elected position by the citizens of Florida.

  19. Can we say “JURY NULLIFICATION”? Whoever ordered this needs to be charged with and convicted of a long list of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, then hung in the public square. The Sheriff in the county this order originated in (state capital?) has a job to do, and sooner than later!

  20. This if for the people to respond to! The governor has just removed an ELECTED OFFICIAL AND PLACED A STATE OFFICIAL INTO AN ELECTED OFFICE THAT THE PEOPLE CONTROL. Floridians need to march on his office and remove this “special agent” from office and make a people’s arrest and warn the governor they will do the same to him if he continues this approach!

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