Live long and age gracefully

Live long and age gracefully

Almost everybody wants to live a long and healthy life, and age gracefully. According to historical reports during the 1980s, in the United States and most other countries, the average duration of human life is 70 years for both women and men. With the rapid medical advances and adapting a healthier lifestyle, the average age of human life can increase to almost 100 years.

Reaching the age of 100 did seem impossible a few decades ago. As technology, medical science and awareness of healthy living started to expand, and people embraced the easy access to information, lifestyles changed.

The length of how many years we live is not critical but how we live the years we have. It is not meaningful to live a stressful and fearful life. Nor is it beneficial to live an unhealthy lifestyle especially as we age, this can result in additional burden.

It is factual that between the ages of 18 to 30 years of the human life, it is the period of the highest mental and physical stamina. From the day we are born, it is the life lessons we learn that contributes to how we use our mental and physical abilities. It is during these years of one’s life; the majority of humankind has a remarkable healthy structure and strive to succeed in the choices of education and work. It is the age of energy, of endurance, of exploring and of learning, and it is during these peak years we generate the wisdom to live a long and graceful age.

During the 40’s people continue to perform well, and continue the drive for successful living, despite a slight decline of energy. It is during these years people tend to seek a more meaningful and healthier lifestyle. Suddenly health matters and regular visits to the doctor’s become the norm. Opting for healthier eating plans and maintaining a sensible physical fitness program is normal. It is usually during the 40’s that the majority of people begin to experience a slight deterioration with their eyesight, and opt to wear glasses to improve their visibility. A health risk factor is the weight gain caused by the slower metabolism of the aging body cells.

After the age of 50, the effects of aging begin to appear more noticeably, and the physical energy levels of previous years start to decline. It is the wisdom and experience accumulated over the years that assist people to seek a more positive outlook toward life. These golden years are the formation to live a graceful life. During these years, it is possible to experience further eyesight deterioration.

We experience a decline in physical and mental flexibility as we progress in age. A noticeable tendency is the stiff joints experienced, sore muscles and slower healing processes, but that is not the primary problem, it is the difficulty in adjusting to new places, ideas and new people that affect us more drastically.
Men are distinctly more at risk of losing muscular strength than women. Both are inclined to have increased unsteadiness, become more clumsy, experience short-term memory losses, and spend more time sleeping than awake.

In conclusion, elderly people who use the wisdom gained during their lifetime can live a long life and age gracefully. The best remedy is to ensure your lifestyle includes physical exercise, even a brisk walk daily is considered wondrous. Maintain a healthy diet, rest and make time for relaxation. The most decisive factor is to laugh, always remember to laugh. It is the sense of humor that helps to overcome the most difficult, awkward and despairing moments in life. Laugh loud, laugh often, laugh at yourself, and live a happy long life with dignity and grace.

Written by Laura Oneale

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