Menopause and Aging or Immortality?

Menopause, Aging or Immortality?
What if you didn’t have to go through menopause, age or even die? Would you choose to continue on in the form you currently have? Or would you want an upgrade? Mystical spiritual traditions have touted eternal life for-ever and now even modern science is saying that immortality may be a possibility in the very near future. So, if you could, would you skip the menopause, wrinkles, body deterioration and other signs of aging and move onto experience immortality? Or does death sound pretty good to you?

No one really knows what lies beyond the walls of death. Only those who have briefly crossed over and attempted to relay the visions of their experience have given us any kind of indication of ‘an after-life.’ Spiritual traditions in ancient texts do their best to describe the ‘out of body’ type events that advanced practitioners undergo in stretching their consciousness beyond this form and now modern science is working on the cybernetics of immortality.  Those considered ‘modern mystics’ offer insight into what ‘else is out there’ and if you are a practitioner of meditation – you may have your own ideas about ‘life after life.’

What drives this quest for immortality?

One possibility could be a fear of death. The Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali describe the five main kleshas, or obstacles to overcome in this life in order to obtain peace and transcendence, the fifth being ‘fear of death’ along with: ignorance of who we truly are, identification with the small ‘i’, the desire for pleasure and the aversion to pain. Perhaps we simply strive for the idea of a deathless society because we are uncertain about what would be ‘after’ this embodiment and that feeling of not knowing makes immortality sound great.

Perhaps this life is just really enjoyable and the thought of ever leaving planet earth is undesirable, as you feel there is so much more to learn and do than one is normally allotted in the short life span most experience. Maybe you have read the bible and understand that those in the ‘not too distant’ past lived for hundreds of years and you want to do the same.

Maybe the illnesses and disease that have plagued the body and the family of loved ones have triggered a deep contemplation on the idea of health continuing long beyond the normal span of life as experienced by the majority.

Still others are aware of a perhaps ‘deeper meaning’ hidden in life that humans have rarely uncovered and it is this knowing that sparks resonance with the idea of immortality.  Some people have just always felt that they would never die – for no uncertain reason.


Science is hoping to answer the call to step beyond forces such as menopause and aging into the land of immortality by relying on robotic advancements and artificial intelligence that could be controlled by ones consciousness. According to Russian scientist Dmitry Itskov, we will have the option to live forever with the help of machines by the year 2045. Advancements in genetics are looking for ways to further inhibit the breakdown of cells, thereby preventing the aging process from ever occurring and still research is being conducted on how to ‘upload’ the contents of our brains into a hard drive for downloading into various life-like organisms.

Are these inventions really the answer to immortality?

Mystical Secrets

Those who study deeper wisdom and have tapped into the capacity of consciousness tell us that our bodies are capable of immortality now – without the aid of machines and genetic alterations. Deeper truths reveal the answers to immortality lie in the way we are currently perceiving life and reality and that in order to extend our lives and reverse the process of aging we must open up to these profound concepts and begin to shed paradigms and beliefs that have us perpetuating death and illness.

One great proponent of such modern wisdom on immortality is Almine, who offers on-line classes in the science and practice of immortality and eternal life. Studies in various yogic techniques which shed limiting beliefs, release old programs and tune one into intuitive knowledge are offered. The opportunity to look at life through a different lens and contemplate the possibility that the way we have been taught to live is not conducive to experiencing eternal life must be considered.

Contemplate the idea: “Courage is only needed to override the objections of the mind.  When the mind is still, right action is automatic.” and how about: “Environment can serve as a reflection of what we are because it is us.  It is just a peculiarity of our vision that we see it as separate.” Another concept for eternal life would be:  “No one is truly free who wears the mask of identity.  He becomes a puppet in the hands of others.”

These sorts of expansive concepts are based on the idea of internal alchemy – or the transformation of base emotions, base thoughts and base experiences into those of a higher order.  Ancient alchemy was thought to not really be about obtaining monetary physical gold, but instead reaching a level of consciousness which granted access to the abundant truths of the universe.  The much sought after ‘philosopher’s stone’ could be referred to as one’s own awareness.  Some point to the monoatomic elements of ORMUS gold and the like as this elixir of life because research now shows that ORMUS gold molecules correct DNA and allow one to return to a ‘perfected state.’

Yoga offers thousands of years of insight into inner transformation and transcendence practices.  Many argue that immortal beings already exist and roam the earth for the benefit of humanity.  There are many stories  – in the bible and other spiritual texts – which speak of immortal masters including Jesus Christ himself thought to ‘resurrect’ and continue on in immortal form.

A new paradigm

The idea of menopause is based on the understanding that our bodies stop producing certain hormones at a particular stage of our development and though that may be true based on the way life has been lived – the possibility exists that this is not an ultimate truth.  Aging is perpetuated possibly because we see others age and believe that we too will follow suit -though all of us have known someone who is much ‘older’ in years than they appear to be.  How much of what we experience is based on beliefs?  Modern quantum physics would argue – all of it.

As we begin to shift paradigms into the possibility of immortality as not just an escape from death, but a real potential of these human forms, we open up to an entirely new world of experience.  Menopause is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing, nor is aging – as so many do it gracefully and with beauty; nor is immortality the cure-all for life’s woes.  The point is that the possibility is very real that these bodies which we are taught to believe age, disease and die – do not necessarily have to.  We already know that cells reproduce and become ‘new’ over and over again – including our bones.  The only problem is that we reproduce less than healthy cells.  There is another way.  And where there is a will – whether motivated by fear, greed or true intuition – a way will emerge.  This has always been true…and will forever be.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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